Most Powerful Vashikaran Methods and About Vashikaran

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Vashikaran

Read About Vashikaran

Vashikaran, Many times i faced much cases which is related to vashikaran, like your wife/husband gone to outside or his/her house and you feel very hungry, you are feeling unspecified things about him/her. you are feeling about her. You feel if he/she will not come then you can’t live in the world without it. Your mind is not working, Your heart beat is not normal, you feel something rounding in the center of chest. You have much tension on the mind, many feelings and thinkings comes in your mind about any person which is unknown. you have much doughts about him/her. You can’t explain your words, you feel you are nothing without it. you are crying, weeping, you cant sleep, you are get up, you do not take food, This means your lovable person did some vashikaran prayog on you. Many types of vashikarans are there.

If you want to know anything about any spells, Tantra, Mantra or you are suffering from any conditions like this so please contact us, we will give you guidance and solution within 24 hours.

1. Aakarshan Vashikaran (For Attract Someone)

2. Sarwakarya siddhi Vashikaran (Mostly for Legal Matters or Financial Cases)

3. Mohini Vashikaran ( Only for Love, Husband, Wife, in Affairs)

4. Chandravajra Vashikaran ( Very Dangerous Vashikaran for Attraction anyone
who is ignoring you or denied you from his life.)

That are some powerful vashikaran process in which you can get your love or husband/ wife back in your life……..That Vashikaran only any Tantrik can perform with experiences. Dont try to do it from your own hands!

Also 55 more types of vashikarans are there But the most dangerous vashikaran is Chandravajra Vashikaran, Pisach Vashikaran, Yogini Vashikaran, Mahaveepreet Vashikaran. These vashikran  can work till death. If anyone did this vashikaran to you then you can see many illusions, dreams, feelings about that person. You cant live anywhere without that person, You will do anything to meet him/her. In this case you have 1 option for relief. 1 is go and meet that guy/girl and aceept his/her all terms conditions and live with him.

Note- I got many emails from our readers they are asking for mantra of chandra wajra vashikaran, i want to say something please read it follow it

Chandra wajra vashikaran, Yogini Vashikaran, Maha veepreet Vashikaran, Pisach Vashikaran that vashikarans are most powerful vashikaran in all vashikaran methods which works till that vashikaran we dont use only mantra…..only from speaking mantra you can’t hypotize or attract any person for you……you have to do in proper way for it you must have yogini siddhi or pisach siddhi or bhairaw siddhi without any one siddhi any tantrik can’t use vashikaran for you…..i got many emails in that i read persons got cheated from fake tantriks. So again when you are consulting with any tantrik you should ask about his powers and abilities…if he has not any siddhi which we mentioned then he is useless for you dont waste your money…also i want to indroduce about cost of vashikaran some peoples said they invested 25000 RS INR to 75000 RS INR for vashikaran……Dear Readers please don’ t pay like crazy! Dosn’t matter which kind of vashikaran your tantrik is using,  but Please don’t pay like crazy because money comes from hard work. Save your money and pay only Geniune Cost. and Ignore Fake Newspaper Ads, TV Ads, and Internet Classified Ads !!

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  1. Yogesh Paliwal says:

    i observed my neighbours do some types of black magic they first did uchchattan on me and my wife then they did vashikaran on my wife . Please help me save my family.

    • Bhavna says:

      Namastee Guruji,
      I’m in the same boat as others. I need to know how long does it take for Vashikaran to work. I am in a relationship, but it seems he can’t forget his ex, as she’s drawing alot of attention and trying to snatch him away from me. He used to call me, but it’s been past few day he hasn’t. How to solve this problem. I want him to forget her completely, and be on the right path, and have feelings, emotions, love and listens to me. Kindly help me with this situation.

    • shruti says:

      I love a boy..I want to marry him..he also loves me. but there r many prblm arising. he is trying to forget me but if I don’t get him I will die. plz help me what should I do…any mantra to permanently make him go mad for me and marry me

  2. vrushali says:

    i love one person but now he is in relation with someother person who has done vashikaran on him i want to save him from all these thing please tell me what should i do.Now he dont want to meet me but i truly love him and im affraid that he is surrounded with blackmagic. iwant to save him please help me

    • i have sent u reply via email already please read it and reply me follow procedures and see results in 21 days. If you want to discuss something reply me at

      • Harmeet says:

        dear sir/madam i truly love a girl.we were in a relation for 2years and once she also loved me very much.but in these 2years she cheated me 3 times but she came back 2 me and i accepted her with all my love but this time she used me and asked me for a mobile phone.i am a child from middle class but still i bought her a second hand mobile phone but now situation got changed and she cheated me for 4th time for some other guy.from last month she is not picking up my seems to be useless without her now.i want to tell u that i am going to suicide but my friend varun told me about your site.sir/madam please if you can help me then please help me.its a last chance of hope because where all things fail then god helps or sends some one to help.please help me getting back my girlfriend and my are my last hope.thank you.

      • aarush says:

        sir, i am a boy living in india and i have problems in my friendship. my best friend prabal is gone on wrong way means smoking, drinking and other bad habits. i want a very powerfull vashikaran mantra for lifetime like chandravajra vashikaran to make him under my full control forever. please help me please. i beg you please help me please.

      • manu says:

        hello guruji its being over an year of our relationship…..i love her deeply and she too loves me but marriage problem is coming over caste issue….she is scared and we had many fights over this issue….she only thinks der wont be any possibility of our marriage but im all the time telling her first u complete ur education n let me do mine also…..sometimes im mad at her for her stupidity but at the end i love her a lot n cant live without her at all…..tell me wat shud i do….i want to marry her n live a prosperous life……….our understanding is soo awesum but why she feels so i dunno………her emptiness i cant bear it……she also cries but der is solution fr every problem………..pls help me…..

  3. ramesh says:

    dear guruji
    I am in love with a girl and she has ignored and repudiated me. I suffered failure and disappointed all through my life. now the only surviving factor and object for me is this life is this girl. I did everything like mantra chanting, daily puja to do vashikaran. but no result yet. I don’t know to do any vashikaran prayog.
    therefore please help me with chandravajra prayog to do on this girl. I’ll keep her happy in all aspect untill my last breath. she is the only purpose for me to live in this world. without her I might harm myself and die. as a lost resort I am seeking your advice on mantra and prayog which would help me immensely to live further. I have not seen till today any miracle happening through mantra or prayog,
    please bless me with your guidance and intruction, as this the last hope for me to live life.
    with respect

    • you should reply us i already sent you answer for your problem check your email inbox and spam folders and reply me. Dont loss your hope get 100% results by our professional help and supports.



      • pradip says:

        i love a girl, now she doesnt talk to me for 2 mnths. i want her or i will die. we loved each other. and we never had bad intentions. plz can i get her back?

      • Linaa A Pinto says:

        Dear Guruju,

        With tears in my eyes, i really cannot express my sadness I have gone through a lot of pain since childhood. and never got love. I fell in love with a person last April, it was love from both the sides, it was like my dream come true we love each other very much. one of his family member destroyed our love through vashikaran its been 6 months that he is away not talking, i want him back into my life till the end will he come. I will be gratefull to you.

    • Jarling says:

      I’m in love from past 5 years with a girl but she ignores me and not intrested in talking, she went to U.S.A. last month and I’m in mumbai. I want to merry her any how by anyway….
      So, plz, let me know abt Chandravarja vashikaran to win her heart..

      • dhruv says:

        sir i read your web site my love far away from my town last five years and living with married person so if any chance to back her ? we are living like husband and wife for 6 years and suddenly she left me

  4. mohit says:

    i was in a relation with a muslim girl for last five years but all of a sudden she is denying me. she says that she now is interested in somebody else and wants to get married to that person but i dying for her and appologising profusely for everything. but she is not listening to me, not even talking to me properly.
    i call her serval times a day she does pick my call some times but never talks properly. she is behaving very indifferently which is actually killing me, i ‘ve no que at all what to do?
    Please help me in whatever to get her back in my life. How could it be that somebody who was with me for last five years starts loving somebody else with in a period of 2-3 months.

  5. star says:

    Guruji, i need chandravajra vashikaran details! m ready to sacrifice my life bt i need my man to come to me and love me the same again n keep all his promises! i considered him my man n trusted him with all i had now he refuses to be with me now but wnts me to wait for him at d same time! i need ur help to get my man back,i love him n i know he is scared to take responsibility rite now cz he is unemployed! i love him n he knows that! i need him to come to me himself! plz help me with chandravjra procedure!

  6. star says:

    i need chandravajra vashikaran

  7. star says:

    plz help me as i will want to die if not helpd! i love my man n he left me cz is scared of rresponsibilities! i love him n die each second fr past 1 year now! i need chandravaajra vashikaran,uakll b kind to giv n i’ll b grateful! i cud die for nt having it as i can tk it no more! plz

  8. TCMM says:

    Guruji, i need chandravajra vashikaran mantran & details! im ready to sacrifice my life bt i need my lover to come to me and love me the same again n keep all her promises! i considered her n trusted her with all i had now her refuses to be with me now but wants me to wait for her at d same time! i need ur help to get my man back,i love her n i know her is scared to take responsibility rite now cz he is unemployed! i love her n her knows that! i need her to come to me himself! plz help me with chandravjra procedure! Me & save my life


  9. Soni says:

    I need the chandravajra vashikaran mantra please. I was with my boyfriend for almost 9 years and one morning he just woke up and walked away. Please help I have try to kill my self I can’t live without him.

    Please help sir ASAP

    Thank you

  10. ritika gupta says:

    i love someone and hamara affair tha 6 years tak bt achanak sne breakp kar diya 4jan 2010 aur usko koi fark nhi padta alag hone ka vo maire naam se bhe nafrat karta hai aisa lagta hai ke vo mjhe janta he nhi tha mjhe belive he nhi hota ke vo aisa bhe kar sakta hai sayad kisi ladke ne kuch karva nhi diya ho yah vo kisi aur ke sath ho sayad ab vo lust mai pad gaya ho kyuki achanak itna change achanak hona ajeeb lagta hai bt i really love him bt vo mjhse bte bhe karna pasand nhi karta even maire sakal se bhe nafrat hai koi link nhi hai itne time se plz give me some soltion bcoz i cant live withot him he is my life and my soul plz help me gruji maine sab upaye kiye hai yah babba ke pass ja kar bt koi reslt nhi

  11. sathya says:

    guruji my girl friend left me , their parent have made some vashikaran not to meet me and talk to me, i cannot live without her please, their is no sleep no peace i am fealing like to die, i have done many poojas to come her back, but not worked out pls guruji show me some way to come her back to me pls pls pls guruji help me by mantra or vashikaran or to come her back

  12. Suraj9762270596 says:

    I love a girl she is from rajasthan she also loves me and i am from maharashtra, i want to marry her after 4 years coz i am a student now and she is also a student. Her father dosent know me, we just met on internet on may 2010. I want that her father should call me on may 2011, and accept me as his son in law and must carry out our engagement in may. I was cheated by a fake tantrik for 500 rs. Now i really dont have any money i am very poor. Plz help me sir, i am so disheartened i keep crying day and night, i dont know where to bring money from and pay u plz sir understand me and help me, i will be very thankful to u, and in addition sir i dont know from where to bring tantrik items and i dont have money also plz help sir, i m so disheartened that i am willing to die now

  13. ajay says:

    dear guruji, I and my gal friend were in love relationship for two years, before that we were best friends, her brother rejected our both marriage, from that day she fought with me, she has changed her mobile no and not talking to me and also four months over, I last seen her.. without her, my life has become a hell n I am not able to concentrate on my work n I lost too much in my business also,, plz give me that chandra vajra vashikarana… she is the soul to my body, without her I cant live… plz help me to get her back into my life…plz help me

  14. I have a very nice girl in my office and we were very close. I went to US for a few months and everything changed. She has become distanced and I feel like someone has done black magic on her. Can you help.


  15. vidhya says:

    swamiji, ples help me
    i need chandravajra vashikaran mantra.
    my lover went away from me now and going to do another marriage, because his parents are against our relation. i need him back, from the past six years he is with me and now went. i need him back .
    ples help me.

  16. kumar anand says:

    i want chandravaajra vashikaran mantra

  17. Rashmi says:

    Dear Guruji,

    You know my story very well. Can I use the chandra vajra vashikaran. I just cant live witjout him. Pls help me for Gods sake

  18. priyank says:






  19. ratul says:

    please guide me about vashikaran mantra.i like one known girl too much and want to very close relationship with her.

  20. Gaurav says:


    i want to do vashikaran on my love reply

  21. Shruti says:

    Dear Guruji,

    I have emailed you to your id my problem ..can you please reply to my email .



  22. Shruti says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want Chandra wajra vashikaran very urgetly..can you please mail me the details

  23. Shruti says:

    Sir please reply to my email urgently about chandravajra vashikaran

  24. hemangi says:

    guruji…i m in love with a boy..but due to family pressure he is getting marry on coming 27..he is not happy.but we dont have any option….and till feb i hv paid approx 1,00,000 to two frauds for getting him..but they both are cheaters…so plz send me details about chandravrajan …..i need urgently..

    • i tried to send u answer from email but i have sent my messages its not going to your mail address please send me another email id which is ok so i can send u answers for chandra wajra vashikaran method send me another email id. your present email id does not exist.

      • kavya says:

        Namaste Guruji
        I and my husband married 5months back but he doesnt like me he doesnt care for me.He doesnt show extra luv n care for me.. He will not listen my words. He opposes watever i do.Always misunderstanding not happy at all can u plz suggest wat i can do..

  25. reshmi says:

    respected guruji,
    plz mail me simple methods of vashikaran on male , i heard that v can do vashikaran with the help of there part of clothes they use (the one i love) or his hair is it true? it would be very gr8ful if u mail me the appropriate method and complete procedure and its effects would be till when n how long? any specific day to do so or time ? can u plz mail me ur email id so i cld mail u for guidance?

  26. kumar anand says:

    i want chandravaajra vashikaran mantra.

  27. shalini says:

    Dear Guruji,

    I want Chandra wajra vashikaran very urgetly..can you please mail me the details

  28. jitender says:

    guruji pls guide me , i want to contact you for my quieries

  29. naseer says:

    my name is naseer, we were girl friend and boyfriend since two years and before for 1 year we were just friends and before 2,3 months as i was doing started my job i cant take out my time to meet her and she loved me at that time but i took easy to her and she says to me that one day u regret for that. and all of a sudden after 2 months i really started regretting on that things i have told to my girlfriend, and when i started speaking to her she just ignoring me and want to break up our love forever and before we both were ready to marry but now she want to marry on her parents wish and she is saying that she is not having interested in me seriously, when i heard this,i lost interesed in everything from job,eating food,speaking with friends and parents and i fell all alone in this world, i even cant get sleep and as soon as i awake her face comes in my mind, but i have her hair and photo so, can i start doing vashikaran, so pls send me chandravajra vashikaran, this is the only last hope for me or else i will die.pls reply soon maharaj ji……it will be a great favour for me

  30. Rita says:

    pranam guruji,
    mujhe aap se baat karni hai, plz mujhe apna fone number dijiye taki aap ko fon kar saku

  31. arya says:

    guru ji namste

    i want to get my girlfriend back .i love her so very mch.she is the reason for i breath.widout her i vl die..plz help me out
    plz tell me chandra vajra details.i m waiting to live again plzzzzzzzzz othrwise i vl die coz i want to live wid her only
    plz guru ji reply soon.

  32. chinni says:

    guruji ko pranam.
    i have the following problems.

    1. ever since i have completed my graduation, i have been working and surprisingly, i have been loosing the job for every 8 months or within one year, most of the case i have been sacked.
    but now i have been working in a hospital for 2 years where i am not getting salary hike / authority. staff are not afraid of me. management should be favourable tome and i shoudl get good hike.

    2. i need apsara / yakshini siddhi besided trikal darshan / i need some one to stay always with me and guide me / talk to me/ give me my desires.

    3. my fav goddess is kali. i m eager to learn all mantra,tantra, yantra siddhi.

    4. further i need good measures to get attactiveness like manmadha and i should get whom ever i want .

    5. i need money / gold showered by yakshini / apsara.

  33. rvbs2 says:

    guruji ko pranam.
    i have the following problems.

    1. ever since i have completed my graduation, i have been working and surprisingly, i have been loosing the job for every 8 months or within one year, most of the case i have been sacked.
    but now i have been working in a hospital for 2 years where i am not getting salary hike / authority. staff are not afraid of me. management should be favourable tome and i shoudl get good hike.

    2. i need apsara / yakshini siddhi besided trikal darshan / i need some one to stay always with me and guide me / talk to me/ give me my desires.

    3. my fav goddess is kali. i m eager to learn all mantra,tantra, yantra siddhi.

    4. further i need good measures to get attactiveness like manmadha and i should get whom ever i want .

  34. Prakash says:

    Guru ji i have taken money from my uncal for building a house when i am returning the money with interest uncal wants three times of money i want to give money with interest somebody told me to ware shukardant and write a name on it of my uncal should it works for me plz guide me what to do

  35. Mahathi says:

    Dear Guruji,
    I m love with a guy and even he loves me but now he has changed a lot, please can you do vashikaran and bring him back to me one day as in my house they are forcing to get married some one else.

  36. Poonam says:

    Namaste Guruji…i have sent my problem to u by email…pls revert me on email..pls…..

  37. Sahil says:

    Pranam Guruji,
    I am Sahil. I was in a relationship with a girl from last 2 years. she had proposed me and she was madly in love with me for 2 years.
    but suddenly 4 months ago she stopped talking and started ignoring me. I lost her. after that my life changed. i lost trust in every girl. I want her back. I cant forget her in this life. i will die if she continues ignoring me. i cry for her. my family is worried for me becoz i m sitting lonely whole day.

    i contacted a tantrik who took 52 thousands from me, but there is no result.

    i really want to do the “Chandravajra Vashikaran” as a last attempt.

    Please guide me Guruji. I will be greatful to you.


  38. shona says:

    guruji i want chandra vajra vashikaran mantra otherwise i hv just one option that is to die

  39. shona says:

    actually i was in relationship with a guy who loved me a lot god knows wat happened to him he started ignoring me strongly without any reason i love him a lot and can’t live without him just for one day also everything is a cutreny affair i want him back

  40. shona says:


  41. johnny says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m having problems in my life, I loves a girl , some body has done black magic on her, she is not picking my phone, she is ignoring me, I can’t live without her, Please help me to remove that black magic from her.


  42. tariq says:


    my name is Tariq, I am in serious love with a girl… we also decided to get married. My family was also ready for it. but due to some problems she started ignoring me. and now since last 7 month she does not talk to me and she does not meet me..i tried to convince her lot but all in wein.but i cant live without her. I tried to convince her brother also but he replied me rudely and warned me not to call or message her. i tried to contact many persons but nothing happened . i love that girl so much.. and i cant imagine my life without her. i want her back in my life.. so kindly please provide me the most efficient and fast solution for this..


  43. Narender chauhan says:

    chandervajara vashikaran mantra kahan say mil sakta hai, kya ye shabar manter hai ? kya aap muje mail kar sakte hai ??

  44. namste,me sandeep hyderabad ek ladki se pyar karta hun.usse sadhi karne keliye me 25 logonse vashikaran kiya.lekin kuch nehin hua.wo v mujhse bahut pyar kartithi par ab wo apna number v change kardiya he.kya us par chandravajra vashikaran kiya ja sakta he.sab kehte hen ki uske gharwale uske upar kuch tantrik prayog kiya he.uska mother is duniya me nehin he.uska father sarabi he.wo r ek woman se sadhi karke mere lover ko ghar se nikal diya.wo apne kisi ristedar ke ghar me tha.jab me uske zindegi me aya wo bahut khus thi.wo sab kuch chod ke mere sath mere ghar anewali thi.likin kya hogeya.humne hamare beta ka v nam kya rakhenge ye v fix me soon.

  45. mohan says:

    dear guruji
    I am in love with a girl and she has ignored and repudiated me. I suffered failure and disappointed all through my life. now the only surviving factor and object for me is this life is this girl. I did everything like mantra chanting, daily puja to do vashikaran. but no result yet. I don’t know to do any vashikaran prayog.

  46. says:

    Need your help, I have very short time with me , I love a guy he loved me as well,
    he committed to marraige , but just before engagement he denied marrying me
    I want him back anyhow, i dont wanna marry anboy else.
    Please tell me what can i do to get him back.

  47. veda says:

    namashte guruji . i am vedamurthy.i loved my sindhu last from 5 years she all so liked me so much since from 5 years we cont do anthing saperatly. i told my love for my parents they are agreed to our marriege . she all so told in her home they all so agreed to our marriege . so we did sex and all . after 5 years .means now in her home one rich goy came to c her he is agree to marry her. so now my bhava and atti changed .now they told we are not give you my douter to you .they to so many thing to my sindhu she allo saw that car bulding all she is all so changing now .but i cont live withot her plz help me what i can do to get her

  48. Ravi Arya says:

    Respected guruji
    I am in love with a girl for last 10 years we both love each other very much but she is not willing to marry me due to family pressure, i tried everything possible …uske samne roya gidgidaya hath pair jode par shaadi ko tayyar nahi …par chahti mujhe hi hai vashikaran karvaya par kuch asar nahi hua …….aap chandravajra vashikaran karne ki krapa karein ya aur koi powerful vasikaran karein…please

  49. veda says:

    thank you guruji. as you told there is no time for me eah and every second is important for me so plz urgently give me details of vidveshanakriya and chandra vajra vashikarna . helpme plz . other wise my death day is her marriege day.plz guruji every day i am crying lot cont sleep . cont taken food.become mad help me urgently

  50. chinu says:

    sir,i really need ur help,few days b4 a guy wanted to frndshp wid me i said no 2 him,bt i don no wht hpn to me i said yes to him after again n agin he ask,at d same tym i had a boyfrind who loves me a lot n i too,den i realise dat dat guy started to lv me,i told him everythg dat i hv a bf n all dat he said its ok i dont hv any prblm jus be my frnd,bt i don knw wht ws in his mind.aftr some tym i started to do whtever he told to me,i talked wid him every tym,i ditched my b.f my parents,he spoiled my life any thing,he always used to go tantrik,n some love babas 1 believes on bf left me bcoz of dat.i fell so helpless. is dat possible dat he had done vashikaran on me n as my mom is great devoter of god dat vashikaran didnt working on me now? plz tell me i hv a big doubt

  51. sandra says:

    Hello, I need the Chandravajra Vashikaran for a loved one who is in love with me but feeling forced to be with someone who is using him and has cheated many times. My guy is very sensitive but not always sensible about the choices he makes. He tries to please everyone, including his ex wife who extorts money out of him. I would be very grateful if you could help me win back the person whom I love and who also loves me but feels stuck because of his past mistakes. We made each other happy and his ex wife keeps making him feel guilty and is still reliant on him for favors. He doesn’t want to hurt me and left because he felt he was unworthy of me. That isn’t true. We both feel strongly about each other but circumstances are not ideal. I would be very grateful if you could help me bring back the guy I know I am meant to be with and he knows it too.

  52. Ajit says:

    If you have a real power then teach me vasikarna … its challenge to to you.!

  53. Subasri says:

    HI Guruji,

    I need your help urgent!

  54. daniel says:

    my name is daniel im a tamil boy i love a girl she from kerala one day she suddenly said she dont love bcos her parent wil not accept me i love her seriously when ever i try explain her she get angry and dont talk to me properly i have talk to her parents to but they also not accepted me pls give me any mantra from her parents and she must understand my love please help me

  55. ketu says:

    hello guruji,
    my husband is having a girlfriend and my husband is never interested in me,he always cheated me since we married,i want to do vashikarn on him so he only sees me and only am really tired of his outside marriage affair ,i have two kids now and i want that my husband only attract to me not another women at all,please tell me what i need to do to vashikaran to hom so he only love me and follow me and control by me and not listen to anybody else,please help soon,i live in usa so please tell me what to do.

  56. Tanu says:

    i m in luv with a boy since 3 yrs. we both luv each other. now he started ignoring me. i cant live without him. pls give me the chandravajra vashikaran.

  57. Tanu says:

    i m very serious about him. i love him desparately n want to marry him as soon as possible. he drinks too much so i want him to quit drinking n smoking. pls tell me the chandravajra vashikaran method.

  58. candy says:

    Respected Guruji

    I met one person regarding marriage and i liked him. He also liked me but is not willing to marry. I want to get married to this person, can you guide me to help in fulffilling my dream.

  59. alpa.doshi says:

    Am facing problems with marriage.. unable to find a right life partner .. please help….

  60. vikas says:


    My sister is facing severe problems as her husband is pestering her for divorce due to some other woman. He has taken all my sister’s money and property on his name and now is not returning it too. Can u pls tell me some easy prayog for her so that he comes under her control. He doesn’t stay with her anymore hence, he is not present physically. Kindly tell me some doable prayog wherein, she can do vashikaran from a distance and it is sure shot. She is really in a shattered condition…

  61. sonam says:

    guru ji namashkar

    i love someone, i want know about vanshikaran plz tell me i love him so much

  62. neelam says:

    Respected Guruji
    I am in love with a boy for last 10 years we both love each other very much but serious but he is not ready to marraige plz help me i cant leave without me vashikaran tantrik told me vashikaran pooja by photo 11 days pooja charge 25000 rs what can i do.

  63. sahil gupta says:

    namskar si ji maine apka bare ma net ma pada.
    ap sab ki madat krta ha meri bi madat kijya plz.
    mai pichle.6 yrs sa ek ladki ka sath tha.
    hamre bich sab thik tha mera ghar tak ati thi wo mera parents k bahut kareeb thi.per pichle.10 months sa kuch bi thik nhi rha hamre bich ab to wo meri bat bi nhi sunti.hum shadi krna wala tha.per ab to mera sa bat bi nhi krna chati.main kuch samaj hi nhi paya.maine bhut jagah sa ilaj krva ka dekha per sab na dokha kya sab ne money le bhi hua jaise sab ka sath hota ha.

  64. sahil gupta says:

    pandit ji plz meri madat kjya koi rasta koi mantar bataya jise kr ka main use apni life ma wapis pa skun.
    agr mujhe mera payr nhi mil to main mr jayunga.
    plz jldi rply kjya ga main wait kr raha hoon.

  65. hemant says:

    guruji mera ek dost hai jo muje bhai se b jyada pyara hai hum dono bachpan se dost the par ab uske life me ek ladki aane ki wajah se wo bohot badal gaya hai us ladki ne mere dost ko sab se alag kar diya hai ab mera dost sirf us ladki ka hi naam leta hai aur wo laki ki wajah se mujse dosti b todne ko ready ho gaya hai aur ye sab wo ladki usse kara rahi hai is liye me mere dost ko us ladki k chakkar se dur karna chahta hu kuch aisa upay bataiye ki mera dost us ladki ko dur kar k hum log k pas wapas aa jaye.

  66. hemant says:

    aur guruji shayad pehle mujse bohot pyar karta tha hum log ek dusre k bohot karib the hum ek dil aur do insan the wo meri har ek baat manta tha me jo b karne ko bolu wo sa wo karta tha par ab wo meri baat nahi sunta aur apne maa-baap ki baat b nai sunta hai to plz guruji koi aisa upay bataiye ki wo meri sab baat mane me jo karne ko bolu wo sab mera dost karna chahiye aur wo ladki uski life se nikal jani chahiye q ki us ladki ki wajah se bohot logo ko taklif ho rahi hai plz plz plz guru ji help me.

  67. gurjeetbhullar says:

    respected guruji
    mujhe ek ladki se pyar ho gaya hai. vo mujhe bahut achi lagti hai. maine usko purpose bhi kiyaa hai lekin usne mana kar diya. main uske bina nahi reh sakta. kripya mujhe koi aisa vashikaran manter btiye jisse voh mujme interested ho jaye.

  68. Garima says:

    Guruji..i want mi man back in mi life..i can do evrything to get him back.plz give me cbandrvajar vashikarn solution…..plzzzzzzz

  69. bharath sai says:

    guruji how mant days it take to find the effect of vashikaranam ? will it get suceeded

  70. Parveen kumar says:

    I m in realation with a girl frm 1yr but today im alone bcoz she sacrifice my love for her parent.And today i cant live without him.Plz give me some idea to back my love.Im very tied to bring my love back..

  71. Bhupesh says:

    I love a girl very much,but she refused my proposal due to problem of intercast marriage.I need chandra wajra vashikaran.otherwise i will die.plz help me…..

  72. Deep says:

    Namaste Guruji

    I needed Chandra wajra vashikaran mantra and details. I have a love with love girl , who are forcefully getting engage with NRI indian and right she is ready accept such situatiion in her life. I want my love life back .Please please help me . i have only next 3 months in hand.


    pranam …… i love a guy by the last 1 year….. we never met….. i mean we were supposed to meet each other but due to some bitter reasons ,misunderstandings and heated arguements dat had taken place… so he decided not to meet neither to talk to me ever further….. he’s very stubborn and inspite of my all the genuine efforts and dedication towards solving this issue, he didn’t understand and come back…..he’s even not willing to talk to me….. he gave me best wishes for my upcoming life , very polite but will never start talking to me….
    now he got engaged to another girl and loves her…. their families got involved and they are supposed to get married on 2012…. he’s fully committed to that girl….


  74. Chhaya says:

    Im in pain since few years.I am a girl who is in love with a girl.she too loved me but since a couple of years,she’s changed a lot and broke up with me.I want her back.Puja’s dint work.I want her back in my life forever ever and permanently.If not,there’s no point of living.You are my last hope.

  75. Parminder says:

    My husband of ten years had left me from three months. I need help to bring him back. He is not listening at all

  76. sujit says:

    respected sir,
    i love this girl from the past few yrs say for 6-7 yrs. and really love her to my life. cant even think of a life without her. plz help me out. she is in love with a muslim guy who doesnt wanna marry her as he says his family wldnt allow same with her…still they are continuing therte relationship . i tried a lot but nothin workin in ma side. instead things got worse and she doesnt talk to me nowadays…plz help me with the mantra suitable for me. plz coz i really love her a lot . and ready to die a thousand timees to be with her

  77. sujit says:

    How to get sammohan mala and this Vashikaran mantra?What is Chandra vajra vashkaran.?
    Kindly forward the details?

  78. nitin says:

    hello there…wel i m nitin from delhi..married …i am realy upset from my wife…she is not control in my hand…she do which her parents say…she dont tke responsibilty of our son and home…pls do something on her,..,i vistied many baba but all are shits,….
    hpe i got good person for my problem..
    she is very rude to me and ready always for fight
    do something like she obey wat i say and leave her parents always
    waitin for repl

  79. Rahul says:

    I love a girl very much, I have been doing everything for her for past 9- 10 months. Now she tells she cant marry me because she takes me just as friend but call me every day for every possible reason.

    please kuch kar di dijiye main khatam ho chuka hoon, I feel like dying.

  80. Meenu says:

    Sir i want vasikaran on my boyfriend he is ignorning me ans dont talk by me plz help.give me some solution.plz plz

  81. Meenu says:

    Sir i want vasikaran on my boyfriend he is ignorning me ans dont talk by me plz help.give me some solution,mein ek tantrik se vasikaran karaya but kuch nuhi hua,wo ladka mujse bikul bat nhi krta ap plz muje chandravajra vashikaran mantra dedo sir i m too upset .plz plz

  82. vikky says:

    Greetings of the day.
    Respected sir/madam,
    i hv a problem in my relationship , i hv relationship with a girl from past 5 years but unfortunately we had a breakup last month we hv some family problems and we both abuse each other from last 1 year i love her alot i need your help and sugession what shoul i do in this condition , she dont even talk 2 me i wish to do marry her and give everything to her . please show me your light and solve my problem, i want her anyhow in my life u r my last hope.


  83. aeragoan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My girlfriend she’s the love of my life and I’m crazy about her, but since we been together in these last two years very happily and we are going to be married in future but she left me four months ago for another guy without any reason,i tried many times to know why she would left me,she never give me any specific answer and said” i m not good enough for her”.It is very frustating & difficult for me to live without her .She is the love of my life,i want her bcz i want to marry & love her .I never loved anyone so much in my life as i love my girlfriend..plz sir help me out and tell me the whole procedure of Chandravajra Vashikaran Mantra..I contacted u in ur website earlier as well Mr. ajinkiya tell me to use this Chandra wajra vashikaran mantra instead of Vajra vashikaran mantra.Plz sir tell me the procedure how i get the details of this mantra..PLz reply as early as possible..I will be very grateful to you forever..
    Thank u

  84. meghabansal says:

    guruji namste me ek ladke se pyar karti ho or vo bhi mujhse bhut pyar karta hai uske papa ne uski shadi jaberdasti kahi or tay kar di hai or shadi nahi karna chahta hai usse usne apne papa se bhi bola ki vo abhi shadi nahi karna chahta per vo man nahi rahe hai plz help kar digiye mna mat kariye hum chahte hai ye shadi tot jaye or humare pyar per bhi koi problem nahi aaye us ladke ka birth date 6-5-1985 hai or birth time 11:15pm hai or wah firozabad ka rahne wala hai jisse shadi tay hui hai uska birth date 7-6-1989 hai birth time 11:25am hai plz mna mat kariye humko bahut jarurat hai shadi ki date kal tay hogi plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.umeed aap hai farista hoge humari help karne ko mna nahi karege

  85. meghabansal says:

    guruji namste me ek ladke se pyar karti ho or vo bhi mujhse bhut pyar karta hai uske papa ne uski shadi jaberdasti kahi or tay kar di hai or shadi nahi karna chahta hai usse usne apne papa se bhi bola ki vo abhi shadi nahi karna chahta per vo man nahi rahe hai plz help kar digiye mna mat kariye hum chahte hai ye shadi tot jaye or humare pyar per bhi koi problem nahi aaye us ladke ka name shivam bansal hai birth date 6-5-1985 hai or birth time 11:15pm hai or wah firozabad ka rahne wala hai jisse shadi tay hui hai uska name nidhi hai birth date 7-6-1989 hai birth time 11:25am hai plz mna mat kariye humko bahut jarurat hai shadi ki date kal tay hogi plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.umeed aap hai farista hoge humari help karne ko mna nahi karege

  86. rahul says:

    the girl whom i love very much was my friend, she dont want to talk to me now for no reason.
    i love her very much i cant live without her, so plz tel me how to get her back because i want to marry her. plz help

  87. pooja says:

    Namaste guruji.

  88. seemakurthi kumarraju says:

    sir,iam poor.i cant pay that much money to tantrik.plz help me to get back my love.her parents arranged another marriage for her.she dont like that marriage but dont want to come with me.if her parents wont agree for our marriage.kindly tell me any mantra which i can chant to get her parents have no problem to our marriage.we belong to upper caste than her.still her parents refusing.tell me a mantra which can make her to come with me

  89. rajesh says:

    Dear Guru ji ,

    I am in love with a girl and she has ignored and repudiated me. I suffered failure and disappointed all through my life. now the only surviving factor and object for me is this life is this girl.
    therefore please help me and let me know any solution or any mantra which i shall use for get her love .

  90. ginny says:

    I am in a relation from last 6 years. My mother had met my boy friend in 2008 and was happy for me to get married to him. My family went to their house in Oct 2010 and they now do not want me to marry him. My mother and brother are totally against this marriage. I have tried a lot of pandits but nothing has worked for me, please can you help me in getting my family agreed for this marriage? We both love each other and want to marry.

  91. Priti says:

    My husband got married to someone else coz of pressure and so much of emotional scenes of his family as his family was unaware of our secret marrige. He said that he’ll divorce that girl but its been almost 9 months to his marrige and things seems to be difficult as now he is saying that he can manage both of us but i want that girl’s life to be setteled with somebody else after divorce with my husband. Please help how to make things possible..i dont want to share my husband plz help.

  92. Jas says:

    I am in a situation where my mother in law in controling my husband. He is a puppet of hers. He does only what she says. She does alot of black magic I need help. I want my husband to myself.

  93. Sooraj kumar.s says:

    Respected sir,
    I am in love with a girl. But i not expres my love towards her til now. She is very much beautiful.But now i can’t live without her.I has not such a great body. She teased me many times.But still i love her. So i humbly requesting you to help me for marrying her through vasekarana.

  94. neetu says:

    i need help i love someone n he is being given vashikaran n i am really dying to get him back pls guide me

  95. Sooraj kumar.s says:

    Respected sir,
    i was not able to collect photo of girl which i want to do vasikarana and marry.kindly send me another solution to marry her.

  96. savita says:

    Guruji im married since 3 yrs bt staying away from my husband. my mother in law use to trouble me alot. My husband is saying he cannot leave her at any cost. I really love him alot n want to have a happy life wid him but i dont want his selfish mother to live wid us. please help me

  97. savita says:

    Guruji im married since 3 yrs bt staying away from my husband. my mother in law use to trouble me alot. My husband is saying he cannot leave her at any cost. I really love him alot n want to have a happy life wid him but i dont want his selfish mother to live wid us. please help me.

  98. ROHAN says:

    i want cant concentrate on studies can u help shanni ki dashaa hai and baba i wanat to learn this vidya can u help

  99. prasanna says:

    sir am marid since 5 mnths i got pregnecy but my mother in law use to trouble me alot she thinks iam not suitable for her son . My husband is saying he cannot leave her at any cost. I really love him alot n want to have a happy life wid him but i dont want his selfish mother to live wid us. please help me.

  100. Mofarjul says:

    dear sir,

    Mera naam Mofarjul hai, mai 19 years ka hu, mera village Kolkata hai aur mai Mumbai me rahta hu. mai ek ladki se bohot pyar karta hu, vo bhi mujhe pyar karti hai par hamare parents razi nahi hai. ladki ke parents ne usey gaon bhej diye hai aur uski ab shadi karwane wale hai 1 mahine ke andar. mai bohot pareshaan hu.
    mujhe uski shadi rukwani hai aur hum dono ke khaandaan ko raazi karwani hai. mujhe kisi ko hurt nahi karna hai.

    Is ke liye kya karna padega, kya matr padna padega
    please help me.
    please reply

    Thank u
    plz reply me by emai

  101. KR says:

    My husband always fight with me using abusing dirty language.Now i dont have patience to handle this .Kindly Help me

  102. sourav says:

    dear guruji…your blog is really very good and can help ppl.i am a medical student.i love a girl more than my life and she is my junior.she left me 5 month she is not replying me anymore.she is not taking my calls.i love her how much that i cant explain.please help me.i think she is in another relationship with her batchmate.pls help me..please believe me..i really need your help.

  103. Arun says:

    Namaste sir. Me and girl loved each other from past 3 years. We lived like couple and every one come to know that we will get marry. But from past two months she is not willing to speak also. I am not able to live without her. Please help me to get back her. I will be very thankful to you.

  104. Manish Mishra says:

    Dear guru ji main ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hoon lekin usne mujhe dhoka de diya or kisi dusre se shaadi kar li kripa karke koi aisa vashikaran bataye jisse mein use dobara apni jindgi mein la sakon apki jo bhi fees hai main deno ko tayyar hoon

  105. Tina says:

    Dear Guruji,

    I am from the UK and would like Chandra wajra vashikaran done on my loved one. He is my childhood love who has come back after 20 yrs. is it possible for someone to perform this for me? I have been looking for someone to perform it but their are so many fraudsters around its difficult to find genuine person in UK.

    We are in a relationship he has conveyed his love but I want to strengthen the love and his confidence and then also him to marry me.

    Please can you let me know if you can assist me in anyway


  106. pavan says:

    can u plz send me ur contact number and ur mail id. i will contact u through them. plz make it as soon as possible.

  107. Sachin says:

    Is it any side effects to my girl by doing Vashikaran on her

  108. komolika says:

    i m in love with a guy, but he is not in love with me, and does not listens to me or want to marry me. what should i do. kindly suggests me guruji. please i love him alot.

  109. Manu says:

    Hello Sir …m in very big problem… I love a guy more thn my life but he got married to smanother girl bcoz m physically challenged so his family didnt allow for me…I tried suicide for him….my life is nothing without him…I dont know wts wrong or right but just want to get him back…..plz help me out..I wrote you mail also but didnt get reply.

  110. Jasmit says:

    I am truely in love with a muslim guy and so is he…but he is in double minds…please help me clear his mind and that he realises every minute if his life how much he loves me.i want him to go beyond everything to show me his live for me and then we can take care of the rest if the world together.please help.

  111. Riya says:

    Hi i am in 2.5 years relationship everything was going very well infact me and my partner were planning for our marriage this year but i dont know what had happened suddenly he had changed he dnt like talking to me ,meeting me , keep on fighting without any reason he dnt evn answer my calls now a days.he just keep on telling me tht he is forcefully with me in this relation.Just to tell you there was a time when he use to be very happy with me he even bought me mangalsutra , wedding dress and use to plan our marriage but now from last 3-4 months he says he had lost all his feelings and now he dont evn answer my calls he had stopped talking to me.i dont know how to handle this he is my life i want to fulfill all the dreams we had sawed together i need immediate help pls guide me what shall i do.

  112. rahul says:

    guruji…i love a girl n she also use to love me alot…..par ab pata nahi kya hua usko, baat hi nahi karti mujhse…..plz help me plzz guruji plz

  113. Susmit Dutta says:

    Guru Ji mera naam susmit dutta. mera girl friend ke sath mera sare char saal se bahut achha love relation chalrahatha. hum 2 saal bad shadi karnewale the. uski ghar me hamare relation ke bare me kisiko kuchh nahi pata tha. lakin meri ghar me wo atithi mera ghar se vi koi problem nahi tha. pichhle der saal se mai mera kam ke lie mai usko time nahi de patethe. who mujh pe doubt karthi thi ke mera aur vi bahut ladki ke saath relation liye thoda-bahut jhagra hotatha. lakin mera kiske sath koi sampark nahi tha. achanak 4 mahina pahele who mujhe bahut avoid karna suru kar dia. mujh se baat nahi karna chatithi. boltithi mere upar uski koi feelings nahi hai. aur phone pe, facebook pe bahut ladke ke saath flirt karna suru kar dia. is liye mai bahut tention me tha. gusse me uski ghar me phone karke hamare relation ke baat bata diya tha. ab 3 mahino se uske saath mera koi contact nahi hai. sab mob number change kar diya hai. ghar ka phone vi nahi utharaha hai. mera pita ji vi 2-3 bar uski ghar me call kia tha lakin who aur uske gharwale kuchh sochne aur samajh ne ke liye taiyar nahi hai. mai ekbar nind ke golia vi khaliya tha. wo sunke vi usko kuchh nahi hua. ek bar contact vi nahi kia. ab mai bahut tention me hoon. 3 mahino se pura ghar bandh karke baitha hoon. jo naukri kartatha wo vi chhod diye. kuchh kam nahi kar pate hai. uske bina mai ek pal vi nahi ji sakta. ab mai thik kar liya hai 1 mahino me wo wapas ayegi nahi to mai atmahatya karlunga. lakin mai uske saath rahna chahta hoon. guru ji ab aphi bataiye kaise wo mere paas laut ke ayegi. please guru ji jaldi se kuchh kijiega. usko pane ke liye mai sab kuchh karne ke liye tayeear hoon..

  114. Susmit Dutta says:

    Guru Ji mera naam susmit dutta. mera girl friend ke sath mera sare char saal se bahut achha love relation chalrahatha. hum 2 saal bad shadi karnewale the. uski ghar me hamare relation ke bare me kisiko kuchh nahi pata tha. lakin meri ghar me wo atithi mera ghar se vi koi problem nahi tha. pichhle der saal se mai mera kam ke lie mai usko time nahi de patethe. who mujh pe doubt karthi thi ke mera aur vi bahut ladki ke saath relation liye thoda-bahut jhagra hotatha. lakin mera kiske sath koi sampark nahi tha. achanak 4 mahina pahele who mujhe bahut avoid karna suru kar dia. mujh se baat nahi karna chatithi. boltithi mere upar uski koi feelings nahi hai. aur phone pe, facebook pe bahut ladke ke saath flirt karna suru kar dia. is liye mai bahut tention me tha. gusse me uski ghar me phone karke hamare relation ke baat bata diya tha. ab 3 mahino se uske saath mera koi contact nahi hai. sab mob number change kar diya hai. ghar ka phone vi nahi utharaha hai. mera pita ji vi 2-3 bar uski ghar me call kia tha lakin who aur uske gharwale kuchh sochne aur samajh ne ke liye taiyar nahi hai. mai ekbar nind ke golia vi khaliya tha. wo sunke vi usko kuchh nahi hua. ek bar contact vi nahi kia. ab mai bahut tention me hoon. 3 mahino se pura ghar bandh karke baitha hoon. jo naukri kartatha wo vi chhod diye. kuchh kam nahi kar pate hai. uske bina mai ek pal vi nahi ji sakta. ab mai thik kar liya hai 1 mahino me wo wapas ayegi nahi to mai atmahatya karlunga. lakin mai uske saath rahna chahta hoon. guru ji ab aphi bataiye kaise wo mere paas laut ke ayegi. please guru ji jaldi se kuchh kijiega. usko pane ke liye mai sab kuchh karne ke liye tayeear hoon.. mai uspe chandravajra vashikaran karna chahta hoon. aap please mujhe iske bare me bataiye..

  115. Divya says:

    Im married for last 8 yrs but has no happiness in my life. Now Im in love with a guy from past 10 months and want to marry him and live with him. But now he is engaged to another girl and is not talking to me. Pls help me guruji, i want to have him back in my life. im not able to concentrate or do anything properly nowadays. I feel very sad and keep thinking of him all the time. Pleas help me to get him back, kindly advise what i should do to bring him back to my life.

  116. Jarling says:

    Plz, let me know abt the chandravajra vashikaran and abt my future..

  117. Nandakishore says:

    I red many stores abt vasikaran,
    I lost my love,i want her i cant live wit her
    I get back my love with ds power full vasikaren
    Can u send me the contact num of the persons
    Hu get siddhi….?

  118. Nandakishore says:

    I red many stores abt vasikaran,
    I get back my love with ds power full vasikaren
    Can u send me the contact num of the persons
    Hu get siddhi….?

  119. sharad says:

    respected sir,i beg you to plz help me sir, i m in love with a girl who is engaged with many other boys ,i swear god that i really love her,plz plz help me sir for god sake

  120. Reet says:

    Guruji,Please help me and provide any solution to my problem.
    I need chandravajra vashikaran mantra.I was in a relation from past 8 years.
    But now he went away from me and going to marry another girl from his cast, because his parents are against our relation.
    He loves me very much and cares for me.But he is not ready to marry me,as he dont want to hurt his parents.
    But i love him very much and can’t leave without him.I need him back.plz help me as soon as possible,because he is getting married after 2 months.

  121. Ashish panwar says:

    Dear guruji
    pranam.guruji i was in a relationship since 6 year. From our school days onward.earlier she was very caring for meshe love e too much thaf i have lost my control on myself and became dedicated to i feel that i dont have any existance of myself without her.i have spended 2 monts in a mantal hospital.guruji please teach me the procedure of chardawajra proyog.i need your kindness

  122. anita says:

    Can u pls suggest me a specialist name n number from Pune who is popular in Chandravajra vashikaran. I want my love to be my forever. Request u to pls help me. Waiting for ur reply

  123. Tina says:

    I want to get my love back without him I.m unable to live plz do needfull.

  124. vishala says:

    guruji i am vishala. I am in love with one person. But he is not at al responsing me. Before we loved like any thing. We planned to marry also but dont know some one said something to him and now he is not in contacat with me. I just want him in my life back. I dont want to hurt anyone but want my love back. Plz help me out of this. I want him in my life time.

  125. vicki says:

    my name is vik, i was in relation with this guy who borke up with me few days ago.,saying he doesn’t feel the same way for me any more, and also that he can never forger his first love…even though he has no contact with her for a long time….he just wants to be friends with me now but i want to be in relation with him again and want him to love me alot…please advice and tell me about Chandra wajra vashikaran

  126. chandu says:

    jai shri gurudatta…!

    guruji… i am little familiar with ( aghora vidhya)tantras and karya siddi mantras which are offerd to me by myprevious guruji. i am eagerly waiting to learn vashikarana vidhya. please help me to practice vashikarana vidya.


    jai kalabhairava

  127. vijendra yadav says:

    sir mujhe chandrawajar vashikaran kya hai, or kaise kiya jaata hai, kis din kiya jaata hai .plz tell me i need ur help seriously.

  128. Nandini Biswas says:

    Dear guruji,
    i am from durgapur(west bengal). l love a guy, but he doesn’t love mee. i am crazy about him. bahut kosis ki maine k use bhul jayu par nahin bhul payi… woh mera dost hai ….mumbai mei raheta hai….hum kabhi kabhi baat karte hai..par mujhe pata hai ke woh mujse pyar nahin karta…main bahut pyar kartii hoon usse….shaadi karna chahati hoon main usse…humari dosti online mei hui thi…abhi main padh rahi hoon..2 saal baad mujhe bhi job ke liye mumbai jana main usse milungi….aap plz mujhe help kijiye ke main aisa kya karu jisse sari zindgi woh sirf aur sirf mujhse pyar kare…aur mujse shaadi kare..kisi aur ke tarf dekhe bhi nahin…aap plz mujhe help kijiye..main din raat is baat ko lekar pareshan rehti hoon….usse ke alaba mujhe kuch acha nahin lagta..shayed uski life mei bahut sari ladkiyan hai..par aap plz mujhe bataye ke main kya karu…jis se woh hamesha k liye mera ho jaye…aur mujhse shaadi kare…main uske bina jee nahin sakti….

  129. Gangadhar M Joshi says:

    My daughter is in love With a Muslim. But she was in a institute for only 4 months. Only in 4 months how2 love can grow so deep ? Now she is crying for him. But we are Brahmins. It will impossible for her to manage her life. I am not finding any option. ?
    Kindly advise me.

    G M Joshi

  130. Aman says:

    main ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hu aur wo bhi mujhse bahut pyar karti hai humara relation bachpan se hi hai,lekin 3,4 mahino se wo mujhse achanak se bat karna band kar di aur mujhe ignore kar rahi hai aur in 3,4 mahino me humari ek bhi bat nahi hui.main usse shadi karna chahta hu ..mujhe chandravajra vashikaran ke bare me btaeye plz..main bahut pareshan hu jiski wajah se baki family member bhi pareshan rahte hai…

  131. SHridhar Dasari says:

    I Shridhar Dasari from Dharwad, i m in love with a girl named Savitri from almost 3 years back & without parents permission we got married in friends cirlce before 1 year 6 months back but we stayed in different rooms because of parents so we both were happy in bangalore now i came to dharwad to work she called me & told that i should come back to bangalore within 3 months but i could not go this is the reason she is not talking to me & ignoring me like enemy so plz help me in getting her, she is now decided to marry a boy of her parents choice ,what happened to her i dont know but she was mad in love with me……

  132. nadia says:

    I love a boy who got married to another girl before 3 months ago. till now , we don’t have any contact with him. I want him to divorce his wife and get back n to me to marry me. In legal way before divorce, 3 months of separation period is required. how can I get my boyfriend back and marry him? pls help and answer my question as early as possible.

  133. anantaa says:

    i want my husband entire love….. i have tried everything to get his love…..plz help me …give me a vashikaran mantra so that i can get his entire love or else i will do suicide

  134. icy says:

    which mantra can i use for to convince my family to agree my bf’s family ?
    His family are happy to take me as their daughter-in-law . They came as a proposal to my family but they reject . me and bf cannot forget eachother , but my family r finding all negative things about him , especially education . plz help me ..

  135. Rajib krishna Majumdar says:

    I love a girl, she loved me too but now due to pressure of marriage from her family she is staying away from me I have given her many things in love now i think she is trying to cheat me. i want my love back

  136. Manisha says:

    I mailed you my problem. I love a guy and want him back in my life………..

  137. Vania says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    I came across your site…and I am writing you this message in hopes that you can help me. I am an indian girl born and raised abroad and I am 26 years old. I met a boy when I was 18 and he was very good for me. He is indian as well, born and raised in Canada. My family loves him and he is very close to my brother. I made a mistake 3 years ago. I told him that we can’t be together because I thought he was not right for me. I was thinking he is not responsible enough because he could not find a job. So I left him and for 3 years he was waiting for me. We were still talking but I did not go back to him. 3 months ago, a pandit did a puja for me so I can have some clarity in my life. And now I realize that I love him more than anything in the world. We are very close and I want to marry him. But he met another girl with whom he chatted for some time. She is in India. Now he wants to go meet her and maybe marry her. He is leaving in one week for India but I want him to stay with me. He is very poor and I am well-off. I can help him, and I do love him. I have a long history with him, I understand his needs. I am very sorry for making him wait 3 years but I needed some time to think and be sure. Please help me. Is there any way I can bring his heart back to me? I will never leave him and always love him with a pure heart. He thinks going to marry someone else is the right choice for him after all this time. I am afraid he might go to India and get married to some new girl and make a big mistake. Please help.

    Thank you for your time.

  138. samita says:

    namaste guru ji m in serious problem i m in relationship wid a boy from last 3 yrs . my parents came to knw abt it. now i askd dat boy to mary me but he says he is engaged even i tok to his father. our relationship is destroyed. i need ur help. plz reply soon as i hv not much time . uske parents uski shaadi kabhi bhi kar sakte hain n he is not picking my phone. do reply soon plzz

  139. Aniket says:

    i love one girl. She also had some feelings about me. We used to talk a lot on phone. We used to share everything about ourself. But now she don’t talk with me. She is not replying me. She started ignoring me. I feel really frustrated because of her behaviour. Now what should i do? Please help me.

  140. Gaurav says:

    Hi, I want to know more about Chandra Vazra vashikaran. Plz contact me on my email. Thanx

  141. AAaaa says:

    Can u plz reply back to me on my email as soon as possible becoz its very urgent and i didnt put my name in the box coz i dont wanna reveal it to public. Thnx

  142. aniket9619 says:

    dear guruji. I am in love with one girl. We use to talk a lot on phone. She used to share everything about her. But since last 2 months she is not talking with me properly. I am literally frustrated because of her behaviour. Please help me.

  143. jigar harjani says:

    dear guruji,

    apko mera namskar i love one girl she also loved me but before 2 month she break up with i don’t know what the reason behind it but it really hart me m very alone without er & i can’t live without her but now she totally ignore me but i get her in my lfy back she is very important for me goruji she my lyf & i want merry with her so plz suggest is vashikaran wark for me & it it susses is it possible ?plz reply me guruji…i waiing for ur reply …

  144. muzammil says:

    Namaskar guru ji. I was in relation with a girl for 3 years.. she left me saying that she loves someone.7 months passed out.. I tried a lot to get.her back but no response.. she left me ones before even but I got her back but this Time she never wants to come back..I tried a lot . Am jus having hopes on you… Plz can u help me.. she started hating me. She challenges me speaks harsh to me.. I cant live with out her.. plzz help me..

  145. sridhar says:

    Dear guruji, i have read the symptoms person would have when someone did vasikaran prayog. i am having all of them from past couple of months, the feeling of attraction and pull is terrible and the person i’am getting these feelings is married, and i am confused and curious why would a married lady do something like this on me. we both are colleagues and she is much older than me. can you help or guide me guruji.

  146. krishna says:

    Sir how to contact you.I am in dangerous situation.Plz help me sir.

  147. Abhay says:

    Baba, I have mailed you my problems.please help me.

  148. hello sir,i lv a person vry mch n want 2 marry him n he 2 wants the same,n his parents are also agree 4 our marriage bt my parents are nt agrreng 4 it.plz help me n give some easy tips so that my parents get ready 4 it. plz do something.

  149. Bhumika says:

    dear guruji,

    i have the same prblm..i’m in a relationship frm last 5yrs, my parents are agreed for mrg but my boyfrnd’s parents are not ready 2 accept me n now the boy is also ignoring me n telling me that 4get me n i cnt marry u wothout my parents’s permission..
    We love each other a lot n i cnt live without him..
    I’ve heard abt the vashikaran.
    N i’ve go for the same but there is no result n still i’m trying.
    Plz help me..u’re my last hope.
    I’ll be very thankful 2 u..

    Hoping for positive reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  150. ASHOK PATEL says:

    dear sir
    mera nam ashok he me 1 ladkise bahut pyar karta hu muje use lad ki ko meri zindgime vapas lani he to pls meri help kare

  151. isqzade says:

    Guruji i love a girl at around 6 years.but she did not love me.she only thinks that i am her best friend and she dont want to see me as her life partner or boyfriend.she did not believe in love. Her parents is looking for her marriege. I have tried a lot to win her heart but no results.i am mentally too much depressed..i love her very truely and want to marrie her. Please help me. I will never free my soul from her love.pls help me.

  152. Bhavna says:

    Hi Guru ji,

    Mujhe ek ladke no dhokha dekar kisi aur se shadi karki hai mujhe wo wapas chahiye jyada mai yaha nai likh sakti if possible pls contact me

  153. Mukesh says:

    Hi, I was very upset that my girlfriend was not responding to me properly.iwant to marry but she don’t want to do and ignore now my condition is that i can’t live without her. I felt as if I was loser and losing her.

  154. Tan says:

    Hi. I have spent a lot of money on vashikaran and waited for almost 2 weeks but with no result till now. Empty promises given to me one day by another. I am sad, lost hope and cried alot when nothing happened. Usually, they will asked for money saying that someone have made black magic or some evil force surrounded my husband, which I knew it is not. I have a Buddhist master who confirmed no such thing. Just that my husband changed because of 3rd party involved. Is vashikaran really works and how long can I have the result?

    • Ruchika says:

      Guru ji,
      Me or mere boyfrnd hum dono ek dusre ko bht pyar karte the.. suddenly usse kya hua wo mujhe chodke chala gaya jabki wo ab b mujhe bht pyar karta h patani achanak sab khatam kar diya.wo ek min b mere bina ni reh sakta tha aaj 15 din hogaye lekin na mujhe uski khabar h na usse meri.hum shaadi b karne wale the. Plz aap mujhe koi rasta dikhayiye wo dubara mere pass phele jaise. Khud laut aaye me uske bina ni reh sakti.. wo china me h aur me india me.wo muslim h or me hindu.plz

  155. surya5710 says:

    U’d reply me. Bt didnt give the solution. Please

  156. sumit says:

    i m sumit i love one girl she also love me for some time..but nw she doest care or dont want to talk with me .pls give me an solution on urgent basis otherwise she will lost

  157. ashish says:

    To my mother and father my uncle has done vashikaran so how to get rid of this matter it is very serious please help

  158. divya says:

    guru ji, i am divya , i love my husband alot ,actualy he left me and he dont want to stay with me and he is out my country plz help me and give me chandrawajra mantra i cant live without him plz help me. he is not calling to me. plz

  159. sahil says:

    Sir my name is kuldeep and my parents are living alone in Hyderabad and I m posted to trivandrum. My HR is Mott giving me transfer pls help me to get transferred so dat I can look after my parents

  160. Anil says:

    Hello Guru ji,
    Guru ji namaste..mein ek ladki se bohot pyaar karta hu wo bhi mujhse bohot pyaar karti thi .hum do no 2saal se sath the but kuch time baad usne mujhe chod diya.main use apni life mein wapas kaise laau please solve my problem :(

  161. kajal kapoor says:

    hii i love my husband very much but he not love me why he dont stey with me i dont know why befor one year problem plz help me wo mujhe chodna chate hai magar mai unke sath hi rahna chate hu

  162. jasbir says:

    mujhe help chahiye plz mail me

  163. neha says:

    sir , 1.yadi yeh Chandravajra Vashikaran mantra aap kisi ko dete hai toh kya us sadhak ya person ko bhi pishach , yogini aadi cheeze karni padegi.or 2.kya yeh mantra girls use kar sakti hai kyuki har month toh unka m.c rahta mantra ko kitne person ke upar use kiya ja sakta hai,ek baar use karne ke baad kya next use nahi kar sakte.sir yadi iska answer mujhe mil jaye toh mai bhi yeh lena chahungi.

  164. niketa says:

    sir i want to knw Chandravajra vashikaran mantra coz my boyfrnd is ignoring like nythng. i m getting distrbd 4m last 2 mnth plz me.

  165. Naina Mishra says:

    Guru Jee,
    I am facing a problem with my marriage, my age about 40 years. can you mail me any Divorce Mantra. i am very greatfull to you.Please solve my problem.

    Thanks & Regards

  166. goldy says:

    sir i love a girl truly from bottom of my heart we had broke up before 2 months n i cant able to forget her plz sir help me out as soon as possible so tht i can get her back in my life…………..

  167. Sujan says:

    Guruji namaskar, mein ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hoon,wo vi karti thi, lekin abhi ake usne mujhe chhod diya, mein uske bina ji nahi sakta, mein kya karu guruji mujhe wo chahiye life mein, mein bahut door nepal se hoon, please guru ji help me.

  168. vamsee says:

    hello guruji,
    My name is vamsee(f/23), i love a boy very much he too loves me i know that ,we are are very familiar with each other families too.there is no problems from the parents.his friends also told
    me he loves me soo much.but i don’t know why recently from one month on-wards he is not talking to me .he is coming to home regularly as-usual but not speaking to me as before he is talking to my mom dad bother as before and not with me.why i don’t know.i had asked his friends also.they said they don’t know. i want my love again from him. i heard about this site.please help me sir
    thank you

  169. Xyz says:

    i love a girl,she used to luv me but doesnt love me much by day she is forgetting me. Please help!what can I do?!

  170. Xyz says:

    I luv a girl who used to love me but dusnt luv me much anymore. please help! What can I do to get her back please!

  171. akshay says:

    guruji, plz aap hume aisa ko vashikaran process bataye jise woh humse love karne lage plzz. humse ab raha nhi jara plz help me . meko uska name , birth date sab pata hai plz aap humko vashikaran process bataye

  172. nipun says:

    me ek ladki se pyar krta hu pichle 4 sal tk wo b muzse pyar krti the. lakin wo dusre shahar chali gai or wha pe wo kisi or ko chahne lag gai. me us ladki k bena nhe ji skta muze kuch upay btaye plz.

  173. akshay says:

    guriji plzaap hame chandravajra vashikaran ki pru process bataye plzzz…….mere pas paise nhi hai ki me paise deke vashi karan kar wauu plz help me

  174. bhakti says:

    hello guruji,
    please help me for ma husband dont even care abt me and its almost 1 year we have got married but he doesnt even speak to me neatly. forget abt touching me…. pls guruji, pls help me bring love in ma life….

  175. jo says:

    guru ji can guide me on Aakarshan Vashikaran

  176. sumit says:

    i need help…..plz contact me

  177. raveena says:

    hello sir,
    My name is Raveena.i and Raj are in a relationship since 7 years.But my parents are not ready for our marriage.I have also paid around 5000 Rs to a tantrik 2 days ago.I dont know waht do i do.Pls pls help me.I want to convince my parents for marriage n any case.I dont want to lose Raj.Pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Monu says:

    sir, i m a boy and loves with a boy.. he was also loved me.. but he had sudden changed from last 1 years…i tried my level best to get back him, i contacted 5 people for vashikaran and spend around 40000 Rs. but didn’t find any result..they said that someone has done vashikaran on him..sir plz help me…now i have no money to spend but i eagerly want him back in my life…

  179. Sudhanshu kumar says:

    I nee help meri gf mujhse 5 6 mnth se bat nai kar ri i want her back within 2 days. Plz help me. I cnt live without her

  180. pandit chetana says:

    pranam guruji, mera name chetana he. mere pati kahi chale gaye he. me unake bina rahe nahi sakti. mekya karu muje marne ka vicha aata he. jo vo muje nahi mile to me mar jaugi muje aesha koe mantra bataeye jisse vo vapash aajaye.

  181. lovedeeply says:

    Chandra vajra vasikaran is given based on the horoscope of a person or just to anybody who asks? what is the cost and what is the success percent?

  182. faizan says:

    Chandravajra Vashikaran wer and how i can do this..wht mantra tantra reqd for it..i want to b like very famous and attrective all the girls look at me whom i like feel like to love me think of me having sex with me in dreams and reality..i don’t want to harm anyone ..but i as a human being everyon think of becoming talk of the town..can you help me

  183. swapna says:

    Now two days am not getting much love from my lover. He is not calling me and properly messaging me. I want his love and he should keep on calling and messaging me without fail within one day.

  184. Sharon rajarai says:

    I am in love with a guy since last year.became friends around july 2011. When i was about to tell him my feelings, he told me he has a gf already since 5 years. We have been very close gone on long drives but he never mentioned that before. I had gotten married in 2010 only on paper as the guy lives in canada and legal wedding was necessary for paperwork and for immigration.but we kept on having problems.he used to swear at me too much. When i got to know that guy in july i felt and still do feel he is the love of my life. We have been perfect couple for a long time and even with our fights, each time i tried to break up he used to get back to me and be the sweetest guy of all. Recently people have been telling his mom that he has been seen often with a girl.eversince we are having prolems. For my birthday because of some bad reasons he spat on my face and decided to break up.i tried to get him back and he did.but he left me on 6th november. I tried remaining friends within limits with him as he suggested but my love is too strong. I had to take sleeping pills.each time i tried to talk to him he used to get the end i had to meet his parents because i was worried about my health.i wanted him to meet me but he never seemed concerned..but i fearhis mom is into some black magic thing. He is no more concerned about me.i cry and am praying everyday but nothing is happening. The strong part is i have faith in my love.i want to be like before with him with the consent of both sides.please help me.

  185. Dattaraj says:

    i like your note but i need chandravajra

  186. i am working since 6years but i can’t save money for future. also unable to get promotion in field. how can i solve my problem

  187. Priyanka says:

    Hello Guruji,
    I wrote you few days back but thiers no reply from ur side, please help me

  188. Shefali says:

    Guru ji namaste,
    Msne intetnat k jariye apko ek larke se pyaar karti hu or usse shadi karna chahti hu me use 3 saal se janti hu 1 saal phle usne mujse zhadi karne se mana kar dia mujse baat karna b banvd kar dia isliye mene bum doni k baare me uske ghar par bata dia.usne unko b mana kar dia shadi krne se or ab uskeparents b ni chahte ki wo mujse shadi kare.ab aap hi kuch upaay or vidhi bataiye taki uski shadi mujhse hi ho me uske bina nai reh sakti kabhi kabhi to marne ka man karta h.pleas help me.

  189. arushi soni says:

    i want my boyfriend is stay in my lyf forever . as soon as he becomes my husband :-) pls help me

  190. nikhil says:

    Baba ji..koi aisa mantra btay.jisse meri koi girl friend ban jay..

  191. Pranesh says:

    my close friend is in a relationship wit a guy named shrisha and hes d person who disturbs othr girls and hes in many relations and wen i told ma friend abt these shez nt in a state of listeing … and d girls who sufferd from him says tat being wit him is like a trap and cant come out of him even if we want to……. and the thing is tat am in love wit my girl………. if u find any truth in my problem i beg u to save my love and rest of the girls………. i beg u plz plz plz help me

  192. suvarna says:

    Guruji mai chote chote kam karati hoon. muze 2000 ru hi milate hai. ek ladake ke sath 4 sal se relation tha abhi wo shadi karne tayar nahi. muzse bat bhi nahi karata. kya muze wo fir se milega? mere pas jitane paise hai mai de doongi.kya mera pyar muze wapas denge aap?

  193. jitender says:

    guru ji pranaam. guru ji 14 mahine pehele main ek ladki se pyar karta tha or wo bhi mujse bhout pyar karti thi. lakin achanak kuch problem ki wajah se hum 14 mehine pehele hum alag ho gaye. maine bhout kosic ki ke hum dono ek ho jaye lakin kuch nhi hua ladki mere paas wapas nahi ana chahti ab ap hi koi upai batiye ki main kya karu. koi aisa strong mantra batiye ke wo ladki mere paas wapas a jaye or hum saadi kar le. gutu ji please saari vidhi ke saat bateyega. time or paraj or kab tak karna hai. photo ke saat karna h ya dimag me rakhkar. guru ji m apka bhout abhari rahunga is ashaan ke liye dhanayaad.

  194. santanu says:

    i want to get back my lost love. but now she ignore me. please help me.

  195. saurabh jain says:

    Namaste guruji,

    I love a girl a lot and so does she. but due to some family problems she is ignoring me. I just want to get her back. but I don’t have any bad intentions at all. I will marry her with our family permission. but first of all she should be with me. I just want to get her back to me first. and there is no bad intentions behind this at all. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

    Saurabh jain

  196. Blackheart says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    My life is totally ruined. I am in middle of life and death. Mind is not working. Don’t know what I am doing. Kindly reply to me in email. I will tell you the problem.
    Thank you

  197. Deepika says:

    Hi i have a brother who had been taking drugs from last so many years .i hv helped him on several occasions he gets very aggressive and we have lost both parents few years back.i need a solution to all his problems

  198. kripa says:

    hi, i m kripa. I was supposed to get marry with a girl. But there was some misunderstanding with our parents. But i like that girl verymuch, unfirtunatily her parents has fixed the marriage with elseone. What accuatly i can do. Plz help…

  199. sahil says:

    Guru ji , I just really love a girl from past one year and now i think that i can’t live without her but i think she is not intrested in me .so please help me with powerful vashikaran…………

  200. kamini says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    Mai ek ladke se bahut pyar karti hu wo bhi mujse pyar karta tha lekin intercste hone ki wajah se uske parents ne hamari shadi k liyeana kar diya aur jis ki wajh se us ladke ne mujse sare relation tod diye wo ab mujse baat bhi nahi karta. mai usse shadi krna chahti hu aap please muje koi simple method bataye jisse mai usse phir se pa saku.

  201. nikita says:

    Guruji pranami love him lot the only problem is commitment i want him…to be consistent in his love for ever plz give me some solution i m very restless without. Him and i may go in depression with out his love .plz give me some solution .thank you waiting.for ur reply

  202. sneha jaiswal says:

    hi sir,
    my name is sneha jaiswal and i am in love with a man who also loves me a lot. but due to some cases of his telling lies i m not being able to trust him. but i love him a lot and i want him back in my life as he was before and forever.
    please help me

  203. rohan says:

    guruji I want to learn this vidyas without side effects if there are satvik ways i would be very happy thou i come from a kul famous of dark powers our god is betal,i want to use it for good like help in my business get my love and keep her satisfied and keep all my friends and family interested and happy i hope you will help and quick hyponsis is helpful for me

  204. kazim says:

    hi i m kazim i love a girl . we r in relationship with a year . i dont know what hapen suddenly she started hiding me everything she toll me lie .. and now she left me for some other guy . i cant live without her . i will die if she dont come back in my life plz help me
    my name is Syed Kazim ALi Zaidi
    . my date of birh is 08 january 1989
    . i m pakistani
    my father name is Syed Muhammad Ali Zaidi
    my Mother name is Shahida Khatoon

    and my ex girl friend name is Kanwal Amin
    her date of birth is 30 july 1989 she is also Pakistani ..
    her father name is Muhammad Amin Shiekh
    and her mother name is Uzma
    plz help

  205. pawan says:

    guru ji…guru ji plz help me
    i love girl she also love we are in relation since 3 nd +year we both wana to marry. bt her parents are not agree with this and she don’t want to go against the parents. due to of this i did try to persuade her parents through the phone/ her mother listen each every thing ask certain question bt at the same time she said no.. girl also said to her mother i wana to marry this guy still they not agree then i did again try with the help of her parents guru. her father said to guru as u wish. we shall discuss it at our home. in b/w of this her mother told her boy is doing our
    notorious..he is not gud for u and we don’t like him..due to of this she stop to contact me and she said don’t show me your face.. and i am dyeing for her i cant alive without her she away from me last two and half month

    plz send me the soloutin.

  206. sandeep says:

    sir, main eik ladki se bahut pyaar krta hun ,1year ho gya tha hume ,aur uska divorce ka case chal rha hai ,main bahut pyaar krta hun use ,1 mahine phele mere ghar waaloon ko mera aur uske risthey ke baare mein pta chl gya ,aur tab se na wo achhey se bat krti hai ,aur na hi phn. utha ti hai ,kehthi hai saab khatam ho gya ,mera aap ke saath koi ristha nhi ,sir ,please help me agr kisi vashikaran mantar se wo mujhe vaapis mil jaaye ,sir mera dil ,dimag bilkul kaam nhi krta please help me

  207. Palash says:

    I m Palash from Assam.I love a girl named Babita about 4 years ago.
    She also loved me but in april 2012 she hurt me and far from me. But i
    never forget her. So pls help how can she love me again.
    Pls help

  208. Rajarshi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you so much for the suggestion. Yesterday I talked to her and told her that i don’t to stay in a relationship with her, but she didn’t listen to me. We talked for 4 hours and she said that I just can’t leave her, she won’t let me leave her, and if I leave her, she will make my life a hell. She said that if I leave her, she will take a revenge and she will make my life hell.After hearing this , I got afraid and turned my cell phone off. Now she blackmailing me. I am really afraid now cause she had threatened me very rudely yesterday. She said that she will ruin my career if I leave her.
    Sir, you had suggested me Bagalamukhi Jap, and you also told me that I should only use this as a last option. I tried in all possible ways , but she didn’t listen to me. Her uncle is an MLA and she has some strong political connections. She is also very rich. So I was very much afraid after hearing that she ‘will take a revenge if I leave her’. I am a poor boy and struggling hard to stand on my two feet. I am very nervous and anxious now. I could not sleep last night.

    Sir, please tell me the process of Bagalimukhi jap and please tell me when and how I would do this… I have tried hard sir but she is not listening to me, she is very egoist and dominating. Now she is threatening me . The situation is really very very complicated. Please help me sir, I vary anxious and worried now. Please tell me the the procedure of Bagalamukhi jap sir.

  209. poonam says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    Mai ek ladke se bahut pyar karti hu wo bhi mujse pyar karta hain lekin intercste hone ki wajah se mere parents ne hamari shadi k liye mana kar diya aur jis ki wajh se hum dono bhaut pareshan rahte hain.wo ladka bhaut distrub rahta hain.. main us ladke ko asi halat me nahi dekh sakti aur na hi main apne parents ko hurt kar sakti hun.mere parents ne meri shadi kahi aur fix kar di hain but main ye shadi nahi karna chati. mai usi ladke se shadi karna chati hun jisse main pyar karti hun. please muje koi simple method bataye jisse meri shadi bhi tut jaye aur mere parents hurt bhi na ho aur wo meri bat man jaye aur meri shadi waha karwa de jaha main chati hun….

  210. amit says:

    I have to use vashikaran, for a person who used to love me, but not got changed, is it possible and it should be like chandravajra as mention above.
    How to contact you or what should i do, i am ready to do anything, plz suggest as soon as possible.

  211. jeena says:

    dear guruji my boyfriend not taking with me from 1 week! he said he finished relationship with me ! but I like him very much I wish he can come in my life for forever plzz help me !!!! thank you

  212. monu says:

    mam / sir mai ek larke ke saath 1 saal se relation mai hu vo mujhse pyar nahi karta sirf mujhe use karta hai aur mai us ke bina nahi reh sakti vo mere dimag is tarah aa chuka hai ki mujhe us ke kuch dikhayi hi nahi deta maine ye sab bhi bahut try kiya par ek ya do din asar hota hai fri kuch nahi hota mai ye chahti hu ki vo mujhse shadi kare kaise bhi

  213. Peter Singh says:

    Pls give me a telephone number so I can speak to you . I really need someone who is not a cheat or fraud to help me please

  214. Sunil says:

    Sir please let me know how much does it cost to do vashikaran to get true love back. And please recommend any true person, i am really in need for the same.
    Please reply at the earliest

  215. ashu says:

    guruji namastey.
    love one girl but now
    she is in relation with
    someother person who
    has done vashikaran on
    her i want to save him
    from all these thing please
    tell me what should i
    do.Now she dont want to
    meet me but i truly love
    her and im affraid that he
    is surrounded with
    blackmagic. iwant to save
    her please help me

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  217. Kevin patel says:

    I lost my love. My girlfriend name is nikeeta.when her parents know about our relationship than they take her from my house and feet under her room . So please give me some danjourous vasikarans tips on her family than i make my love back and her perents are happy and give me back my girlfriend. I want to merrage with her.

  218. bhagya says:

    please help guruji

  219. hrsh says:

    sir i m hrsh .. i love a girl a lot i want to marry her …. she loves me also but coz of family prob. she ignores me … so wht i do plz give a better solution…..

  220. annesha sarker says:

    guruji, i luv someone whom don’t luv me…give me a way…i want to tell u in details.plz give ur email id.

  221. Sangeeta says:

    R/Guru G,

    Myself Sangeeta, I luv a boy he also loves me. we are in a relationship since last 5years.Actually humne last year 21 dec. 2012 ko marriage b kr li thi but uske parents ko ye shaadi manjur nhi thi to unhone uski shaadi jabardasti kisi or se 1 feb. 2013 ko karwa di h. wo mere pass vapis aana chahta h m b uske sath rhna chahti hu.isiliye m ye chahti hu ki wo ladki kaise b kr k vapis chali jaye or unka divorce ho jaye.Plz guru g help me mujhe mera pyar mera pati vapis dilwa do plzzzzzz Guru g help me…. wating for ur reply….

  222. Muskan says:

    I love my bf so much and want to marry him.plz help me for the same.

  223. Muskan says:

    Plz reply me with solution. I m very thankful,if i will get my love back in my life forever.

  224. amit patil says:

    hi guruji my self amit . i am loving a girl since one year she also very close to me and she know that how much i love her . but she is refusing the my marriage proposal.
    please help me to get her as my wife. please guruji help me to get her

  225. Sai swaroop says:

    Hi guruji..
    Past 2years back I loved deeply one girl even she also after some days about my love i only talk with her parents even they also accepted after they also supported to our love, suppose when even she did break up means I told to her parents after that they talk with her and they only always solved my love problem, but after 1year she did break up and I told to her parents even they also told same, I need strong vashikarna mantras to bring her back in my love.. Please help me..

  226. tusha dewan says:

    i want to marry a boy in one day plz help me ,mei bus itna chahti hu ki wo ek he din mei m,ujhse shadi kr le aur uske parents mujhe accpt kr le aap plz meri help kr do

  227. shivam gupta says:

    guru ji namaskar mai shivam gupta kanpur(up) india se.meri life mai kuch acha nhi chal raha muje money loss hota chala ja raha hai mai karz mai puri tarah se fass chuka hu ar mai ek ladki se pyar karta hu pr vo mujse nhi karti pyar..mai usse shadi karna chahta hu tooo plz help me………..

  228. Apurba Hira says:

    Pranam guruji,
    Guruji i am in a problem related to my love life. I was in a relationship with a girl since last 1year. We were very happy together. Both of us loved each other a lot. But 2months ago suddenly a boy proposed her and she left me and now she is in a relationship with that boy. Even today i love her a lot. There is no day when i dont think about her. I tried a lot to get her back but that only worsened the situation and now she doent even want to talk to me. Guruji i love her a lot and i cant live without her. I really need her in my life. Is there any way i can get her back? You are my last ray of hope. Please help me please. I am looking forward for your reply. Mohini vashikaran or chandravajra vashikaran, whatever is suitable i am ready to pay for that. I hope you understand my problem and help me for the same. For this i shall be very grateful to you. Thank you.
    Pranam guruji.

  229. richa says:

    namaste guruji,

    I am suffering from very big problem. Its been 3 yrs in my marriage and now my husband wants divorce. my case is already running in court and my inlaws are also against me. my husband is not at all talking to me .Please save my marriage.

  230. Arbindra Prasad says:

    I love a woman,she knows that I love her ,but she acts loves me in fact not at all . She uses me a lot but we had a conflict also have a boyfriend overseas . Sir by your powerful mantra love spell I need her with in weeks that she love me madly . Pls help me.

  231. debjani says:

    main apne pyar ko pana chate hu.wo apne mummy k bat par mujhse bura bartao krta hai nd i thng uska ave kisi or k sat v bat hote is liye mujhe ignr krta main us k bina jee nhe sakte,wo achese bat nhe krta mujhse. plz help me :(
    main us k bina jee nhe pa rhe hu

  232. vandana says:

    Hello sir,i love a boy too much even i feel that he also love me.and he promised me that he will marry me. We were i relation from 1yr.. N even he was mad for me..from 6 month i dont know what happend to him he just want to leave this relation he told me that he cant marry me… Bt i cant live without him i want his love his madness for my whole life.. I did everything to get him back but he didn,t come… U r my last faith.. Plz help me plz..

  233. Asritha says:

    Sir i m in love wit 1guy dnt knw wheathr i realy love him or smthng gng on with me. Bt i cnt mary dt persn evn he dnt mary me bcz of family probs. Nw m trying2 forget him bt its nt hpng wit me unable2 leav with out him. Evry secnd thnkg abt him by sitting alne totaly becmg mad. Plz save my lyf. M nt undrstndg wt2 do. He z nt dt much serious in lov wit me as i m. Reply to my mail id sir plz.

  234. Sanjoy says:

    Chandra vajra vashikaran which wors till death .. how much cost ?
    waiting for your valued urgent reply.

  235. teja says:

    hello sir i love my someone and he also loves me so much. but one day i mistaklly hurt his ego, in my frustration and i break relationship with him before 4 months but i really lovehim so much and i want him back plz help me i request him 2 times but he does want to continue now

  236. anil says:

    plz help me to get my love back.i want to marry with her.

  237. parag says:

    pl help me out guruji for past 5 n half years i have veen in a relation with a girl n suddenly she has taken a break. I fail to understand what to do now i never expected from her this way but i cant live with out her pl help guruji

  238. Pawan Kumar says:

    Guru ji- Sadar Pranam
    i am lost in true love. I love a girl, but she is not understand me. My life is so painful without her. I am always weeping What i do pls about me method of Chandarvarja vashikaran!!

  239. jitender says:

    Guruji i am facing the same above problem you just have described… So please guide me throughout…!!

  240. bhargavi says:

    namaste guruji i like guy.he also likes me very much..because of different castes both side parents are not aggrying..we want to get married with parents blessings only so can you suggest me??

  241. Tisha says:

    Uncle g, my friend loves a boy n he loves her too but boy’s family is against intercaste marriage n even his mom forced boy to get engaged and he did. But still my friend n boy talks. My friend wants to marry him only other wise she will die please give any easy solution which she can do to make boy’s parents in control. Please rep soon. Thank you

  242. Pawan Kumar says:

    Guru ji – My DOB is 21-09-91

  243. pooja says:

    m ek ladke se bht pyar krti hu pehle wo bhi mujse bht pyar krta tha pr uski mami mujhe pasand nh krti islye uski mami ne uska rishta kahi or kra diya m chahti hu uska rishta tut jaye or uski family or mujhe accept krle please mujhe jaldi se koi solution btaiye

  244. Akansha says:

    plz help me….my husband never give me any importance!!its 1 yr fr marrige….
    I thought he will need some time to express love…..but
    He always wants me to act as he wants…we live at a place he works which is 2 hrs by train from his home…he wnts me nt live with him n live at his home n he comes every weekend.
    He never take me out anywhere,he never give me enough money to spend,he never tells me about his salery n investments…plz help me to make my married life normal…urgently!!

  245. rahul says:

    pls help me I love a girl she also loves me but not much , pls help me so that she will love me forever pls help I am very sad plssssss…

  246. rahul says:

    pls help me I love a girl she also loves me but not much , becoz we are of diff cast nd she is taking tension of her parents pls help me so that she will love me forever nd our parents give us permission toarrypls help I am very sad plssssss…

  247. pavit singh says:

    i truly loved a girl we were in relationship since a year , daily we use to have regular talks whole night we use to go regularly for drives…now that girl left me i can;t live without her she cheated me i want to destroy her or apply vashikaran on her ..i will die soon i will kill my self plz rpl as soon as possible

  248. Nitin rai says:

    My name is nitin rai DOB 4-jan-1984 time 1am I am in a relation ship from past 6 yrwith a girl Hardeep mehra DOB 22-June-1988 time 3 pm but our parents are not aggried for or marriage we are waiting for a long time and make every possebility so our parents aggried for our marriage but in jan my parents agry for or marriage and they talk to Hardeep (girls) parent but the don’t give any response and every thing is going right but on 16 feb she brake up with me and started ignoring me and now she is going aroun for a Sikh boy who in very small from her age she changed her number changed her Facebook I’d and before she din’t like Sikh boys in turbon she even not talk to her parents from last 8-9 months but now she go outside or markit for shopping with them and she ignoring me from feb plz help me out I am very depressed from this situation I don’t know what to do she never change in this way before she love me very much and she want to marry me by hook or by crook plz give me the solution

  249. Deepika motwani says:

    I love someone very much bt uski family hamare against hai or wo b apni family ki bat sunta hai i dnt want to loose him plz suggest me wht cn i do ki wo ladka sirf meri bat sune or apni family ko mere liye convience kar le.

  250. taranpreet lehl says:

    I want to do chandravajra vashikaran on my husband for whole life bez my in laws are interfering too much I love him and can’t live without him

  251. Krishnaweny says:

    hello guru…my name is weny..I’m from Malaysia…my problem is love. .I love one guy since 5 years. ..v love each other. ..but now suddenly v got d problem. ..n now he don’t wanna answer my call n text me n don’t wanna c me…it’s really pain..I can’t leave without him. ..I believe him n Gave everything including me…but now his family members oso don’t wanna me…please I’m scared he will spoiled my life n cheat me..n I’m scared he got other girl…please I want him back to me..please. .help me…I wanna he think bout me..I wanna he always with me n I wanna his family members also like me…I wanna he back to me soon please help me..

  252. yuvraj says:

    guru ji pranam..

    guruji i ws in a rlationship with a gurl frm the last 4rs bt nw after her job.she just changed. i know tht the muslim who s her boss has don e vashikaran on her as earlier whn he proposed her she denied every tym bt nw she s totaly if she s her kehta hai wo krti hai

    plzzz hlp me plzzz…..

  253. Rini says:

    Mujhe solution chahiye apne love ko wapas pane ke liye wo mujhse bohot dur chala gaya hai.

  254. bhavna chaudhary says:

    namaste guruji..
    im in relationship from last 4 year…vd a guy
    i love him alott n hee too
    bt his family is not agrre for our marraige
    we both try alot to convnce them..but they are not even try to listen..
    we both get too much frustated
    after trying alot
    he decided that what his parents wants he do that..he is stiill with me but he said there is no chance of our maraige..
    i need your help guruji me
    i waana marry him

  255. kanchan says:

    guruji pranam..mai ek ldke ko bhut pyaar krti dono ek dusre ko ek sal se jante hai..but ab usne apni family ki mrji se kisi or ldki se shadi krli hai..uski shadi ko 2mahine ho gye hai….wo ab muje ignore krne lga hai…mai use apni life me wps chahti hu…kya esa ho skta hai..plzz help me..

  256. rajni says:

    sir realy need ur help on urgent basis.sir mai 1 ladke se bahut pyar krti hun vo bolta tha vo vi krta h .hum dono 3 saal se sath the.isi april ko vo up apne ghr chala gaya or vaha engagement kr li kisi or ladki se or ab mujh se bat vi nhi krta.

    sir aap koi easa solution bta sakte h jisse vo mere pas delhi bapis aa jaye or mere sath shadi vi kr le vo us ladki ko bhul jaye.sir mai us k bina mar jaungi.sir mujhe ye vi nhi pta ki usne easa kyu kia or us ki shadi kab h

    sir koi easa solution btaiye jo jald se jald effect kre but koi khilane pilane ya fankne vala mat btana vo mujh se bahut dur h.
    i m waiting for ur reply.plz dont publish my id and name and reply me on my id.i m be greatful

  257. anannya biswas says:

    Sir,i truly love a boy…but his greedy mom wants dowry.and has declined our can i manage this greedy woman??

  258. guru ji pranam..

    I am still waiting for your answer

  259. neha says:

    Mujhe apne pyar ko wapis lane ka upay chaiye wo mujhse dur chla gya hai or ab kisi or ke chakr me haj mein use wapis panap chati hu

  260. Aadarniy Guruji
    Guruji mera bhai shadise nakar de raha hai usaki umrah 34 baras ki hai.akela bhai hai ma bab ke kuch arma kuch kam kaj karata na ma bap ki ijjat bas jage par bethakar khata hai.pitaji is umarme kamakar khilate mere pas aakar roti hai.shabaramantr se bhi usake liye kiya par paise bekar gaye.aap sachhime uske liye kar sakte ho to muzhe maile kare.garib ma ke duvaye milegi.

  261. nikitasha says:

    Guruji i had 3 relationshi in the past but cudnt m in relation wid a boy who is younger dan me 2 years i really love him more than my life..i never loved a boy in my previous relationships as i love dis boy.we both live in a difernt cities.when he meets me that time only he is happy but wen hes away from me he doesnt call me also n dnt care also fr m. Hes selfidh boy but i love him like crazy n cant live widout him.i think hes doin timepass with me sometimes i feel.but i want to marry him.please helpm me ..i want a full control on him.he shud think of me only not any other girl.please i need your help.

  262. taannii says:

    hello sir mein kisi se bahut payar karti hun hmare family ne hmari shadi fix ki thi then meri study ke wajah se hmari shadi postponed ho gayi for some time hmm dono ek dusre se bahut payar karte h but now meri mother in law ab is shadi se khush nahi h she did lots of black majic on me and my life partner to seprate us , wo chahti h ki mein inki life se dur ho jao but now i cant live without him and ab to mere bf ke upar unke black majic ja asar bhi dikhna start ho gaya h wo mujhe ignore karne lage h mujhse baat bhi achhe se nahi karte nahi wo meri taraf jara bhi attracted h ab to wo breakup bhi karna chahte h so plzzzz help me koi tareeka bataiye jisse wo mere control mein rahe aur mujhe payar kare sare umar .koi asan tareeka sujhaye.thank u

  263. rohini says:

    Sir I am in problem I am in relationship with a guy since one and half year we were good at first all of the sudden he stopped talking to me ….and I want him back …I want your help….I am in totally full of depression…. I have cried for him a lot…there is a lot of pain ….please help me please I want him ….please help me…

  264. Hema says:

    dear guruji, please help me. i have been in love with a boy for 7 years and we had a fight 2 weeks ago about one of his female friend. From that day, we are not meeting, texting.. He has only told me that he wants to be alone for a long time. Please help me to make him return back in my life and to love me even more. Please

  265. Ayan Biswas says:

    i want to back my first lover in my life

  266. Pawan malhotra says:


    Sir the mantra which you given me it shown me some result but problem is same like before. i want to know is there any powerful vashikaran mantra for love to get wife in control?

  267. rambabu says:

    Hi sir, me ch.rambabu from andhrapradesh vizag city, i have a typical problem im a boy and i like my friend whose name is d.kanakareddy, i like him a lot and he has a drinking habit when he was in fully drunk condition i had sex with him oral sex but when he is in normal condtion he is saying that he is not interested in those things im very much mad about him i want him, i want him to be mad of me and he himself should ask me for sex kindly help me and tell me some puja or mantra to chant so that i can attract him and make him turn towards me waiting for your valuable reply

  268. himangi says:

    i am in a relationship with a boy…he wanted to marry me since when i met him but i said let we spend some time then we ll decide…but the day when i met him to accept marriage proposal..he was engaged by his family.
    now although he is engaged ..he is with me…loves me…but he also talks to her..willingly or unwillingly.
    i want to marry him as we live as a family …but marriage is in trouble.plz help me…he ll get narry by dec 1…..i want him….guide me

    • himangi says:

      i have spent 70-80 thousands to fake pandits n all….plz help me….to get him…..wo ladki khud engagement tod de…

  269. kranthikumar says:

    hello sir my name is kranthi one women is there she is suddenly stopped talking to me so plz tell me the solution about my problem .am not sleeping not eating am going to depression .help me gurujii

  270. Nikee says:


    I have been loving and liking one guy from last 4 months and I really want to spend my rest of the life with him.but he is not accepting me.he said he doesn’t love me but still he is single.

    He said he ll get married for sure next year but I want him in my life..please get back to me as soon as possible.

  271. Rocky says:

    i want to get my girlfriend back i love her so very much.without her i will die..plz help me out
    plz tell me chandra vajra details.and how to use..plzzz w8ing

  272. neelam says:

    Nsmste guruji,

    Me ek relationship me hu last 1 year se.ham shadi krna chahte the.mete father s bhi unhone baat ki thi.suddenly kuch ho gya h. Jid din maine unse kaha ki papa s milne ki bat kr le unhone kaha thik h 1 hour me krta hu.but suddenly unka reply aana band ho gya h. Unhone kbhi mujhse koi demand ni ki.or papa s milne ki baat b unhone hi kahi pr pata ni kya ho gya h.
    Me unse bahut pyar krti hu pls mujhe help kijiye.

  273. somesh dash says:

    me meri lover ko mere samne mohini aur basibhut karna chahatahu.

  274. dhaval patel says:

    Dear sir , i m in relation with last 8months i love her alot.she is my coworker we work togather now one boy is there i our office she tied a relation with him from last 2 months i know everything i tried to say thrice but she didnt accept she raise voice against me she is talking on whatsaap everyday. She is meeting him outside. I want to catch them personally after that i will leave her…plz help me to do this as early as possible before her relation bcone strong..she want to love me and keep relation with him … plz reply me as early plz plz plz

  275. Raj says:

    Namaste Baba jee
    main ek laddaki se bahut pyar karta hu or wo v mujhse bahut pyar karti hai hamlog ne saath main rahne, jeene or marne ke kasme v khaiyee uske family ko nahi manane pe maine usko ghar se bhagaa v liyaa or 8 mahina saath main rahaa par uski family ko manane ke liye maine usko jab bapas uske ghar usko bhegaa toh ab wo bapas nahi aa rahi hai socha suicide kar lu or kar v lungaa par last hope samajhh kar aapse help maang rhaa hu. kya aap meri madad karange???

  276. syed rabbani says:

    Sir, I am loving a girl she is also loving me but now she telling me am not loving u because she said to me my engagement is fixed with is relatives that’s am not loving u. But I want she come back again.sir tell me what I will do plz.

  277. Deepika says:

    I have boyfriend and we both love each other but his parents are not ready for marriage and he is marrying some other girl as per his parents wish. He is getting married soon. I want to get married from him only I cant live without him. Please help me to get him back in my life.

  278. ujjwal tyagi says:

    i was in live in relation fr 3 year but suddenly disputes came nd she ditched me. i am unable to live wthout her. kindly suggest any mantra which can bring her back in my life as i want to marry her nd live happy life. also sugest powerful mantra effective in a day nd procedure to perform

  279. nabanita chanda says:

    i love now he is ignoring me for a another girl..plz save me..i want him in my life back..i love him so much..plzz do reply my email..

  280. kanchan rana says:

    my husband and mother in law or Sister in law problem how I remove my this problem from my life .I love my husband but he don’t love me and he only want divorce and he apply for divorce in court.plz help me

  281. sasmita pani says:

    guru ji namaste, me ek ghar banana chahti hu aur mere paas ek rupiya bhi nehi he me kaha se aur kese pesa ekathha karu aur ek ghar banau taki humara pura parivar ek sath reh sake

  282. sasmita pani says:

    house banane ka pesa nehi he

  283. devyanshi says:

    Please help me sir/mam I was in a relationship with a guy he loves me a lot everythng was gud but his family came in between they took him back home now he is not calling me since 3 months I can’t live without him Plz help me I want him back plz I know he loves me to bt Bcz his family is tourchring him he is not contacting me Plz help out so I can get him back as soon as passible u r my last hope plz

  284. Mansi Gupta says:

    Thank you sir!! please stop the sadhna, my lover came back and agree for the marriage. please stop everything, i don’t want anything and surely i will send you some gift. Thank u so much.

  285. natali says:

    Hi… Actuallu i want to marry a guy whom i loved so much. In starting my father was very excited about this relation but that guy’s familiy believes on outsider who are fake for us. Right now nobody is ready for our marriage. That guy also wants to marry me but due to his family he even can’t accept this in front of me too. Please help me.i used some mantra from your site and it worked for me and i am feeling positive from his side but i want to marry him as soon as possible. tell me the cost and duration for aghor vashikaran prayog.

  286. pavani says:

    my boyfriend is getting married this month. because of problem from his side,he is scared of few people. is it possible to get him back to me n listen what I vl tel n ready to get marry me. cn u make it out possible in 3 days

  287. skmohammed says:

    I want more powers of wasikarna tell that books names plzzzz

  288. Kavita says:

    Guruji Mai apne bf pr chandravajra vashikAran karana chahti hu pls help me m bht pareshAn hu plss help m guru ji mujhe koi solution bataye jisse wo mere pas jald a sake

  289. mukeshkumar says:

    My problem is that I engaged with girl her name is tejal but I don’t
    like her, and she
    > doesn’t want to leave me and I want breakup with
    her, I already talk
    > with my parents but they don’t agree with me ,
    everyone told me that
    > this girl is good for u but If I hate her than how
    can I live with
    > her, it will dangerous for both life, how can I
    cheat her, she is good
    > in nature, but I can’t live with her, please help me
    for happy ending with
    > her without any harm to other
    > Plz help me plz, waiting for your reply

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