Laxmi Shabar Mantra

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Sadhna and Siddhi

Laxmi Shaabar Mantra is for Quick Relief from Money Problems also if your any work is in pending so it will be complete. Always Maa Laxmi Bless will help you. This Siddhi can change your luck, it is able to push money flow in your life quickly by any source. Best for Lottery, Games. Also useful for business persons who are suffering from problems of finance.


  1. Sumathi A/P Arumugam says:


  2. Jay says:

    Re: Laxmi Shaabar Mantra METHODS, PROCEDURES

    Hello there,

    Was wondering if you can help me with the wealth Shabar Mantra. Thanks

  3. ranjit kowadkar says:

    date of birth 29/06/1977

  4. Manoj kumar sharma says:

    Plz give me detail this sadhana

  5. manoj dadhichi says:

    please give me mode of maa laxmi sadhan

  6. vinod tanwar says:

    vinod tanwar 1feb.1969 8.17 am ratannagar(churu) rajasthan

  7. Dheeraj Gupta says:

    Kindly provide me details and processors of this sadhna.

  8. Astro Mantra says:

    please provide me sir

  9. Tushar sharma says:

    Mujhai durga shabr mntra chahiyai

  10. Ravi Jain says:

    Plz provide me details of this sadhna. Pl also provide me upay of SHRAPIT KUNDLI.

  11. Ashutosh Verma says:

    i lost my job and dont have money for food and given rent of my house please help me i can do everthing for money

  12. Manoj says:

    Sir give me this mantra with jap mathod

  13. Respected sir,
    i am doing marketing job work . i visit office to office for jobwork but alway i am unsucess of my life pl help me . how to sucess of my life and improve of my business. and earn more income pl give me some tips how to improve of my business and all customer are divert to my site and give me workorder to me pl tell me .

  14. premila says:

    I want knw about shabar mantra want to win lottry

  15. syed says:

    plz send me pavitra mantra laxmi shabar mantra

  16. syed says:

    plz mail me laxmi shabar mantra for money spell

  17. girish bora says:

    i want laxmi shabar mantra guruji

  18. anupam kumar says:

    i need shabar mantra to enhance the sale of my shop.

  19. Bhawani shankar says:

    plz send me laxmi sadana details

  20. naven says:

    I am business and suffering of loss because of being robbed and started off again, I need help

  21. SHREYANS BORAD says:


  22. Khirud kumar says:

    Plz send me laxmi shabar mantra..

  23. Kalyan Dhavan says:

    Respected Sir
    मै बिते दस सालोंसे काम कर रहा हू बिजनेस भी किया लेकिन हर बार कुछ ना कुछ होता है और मेरा काम तीन महिनो मे छुट जाता है अब तक मैने कम से kअम पंधरा जगहो पर काम किया है अब 2010 से तीन प्रकार के धंदे भी कर चुका हू पर खाते मे एक रुपया भी नही है मुझे संपत्ती का कोई शाबर मंत्र बताए जिससे मै मेरे घर वालोंको खुश रख सकु

  24. ravi pawar says:

    sir good morning i

  25. ravi pawar says:

    sir muje lottery lagneki vidhi batao aur muje kaise pasta chalenga ki ye nambar ki lottery lagegi thaxx

  26. geetanjali says:

    i am dentist by profession and want to puruse higher studies in usa and settled out over their but i am not any having any money no one supports me mentally and financially my parents nor my husband it my dream and i want to fullfill it please tell the way for it i belive strongly in navnath and doing parayan of it . my date of birth is 20th may 1979 at1;32 am

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