Parad Sri Yantra

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Gems, Stones and Magical Tantrik Items

Parad Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious and mysterious important and powerful yantra, which is much strong and better than sphatik or copper plated or ordinary yantra. This yantra not only gives maximum benefits, wealth even also proves its energy in front of everyone. We tested it with many clients and they proved its working. It can fulfill your desires, wishes which are high. It has cosmic power and mercury metal strength, It gives mental balance and relax to mind also. Shri Yantra Means Yantra for Wealth. This sri yantra is specially for wealth and for removing poverty also. Parad shree yantra gives answers of your unsolved mystery in life and gives unexplained, unexpected power to fulfill your desires. It makes your life better than before. This Sri Yantra is the mixture of Mercury metal, Silver only.

Benefits of Parad Sri Yantra:-

Any person if he is using this sri yantra and its energized in proper way so he can achieve so many things in life. it gives harmony, luxuries life, Helps to breaking obstacles in life. It gives power to attain highest growth in life. it improves your soul energy and divert your mind into spiritualism. Also fulfill materialistically need. It heals all negative energy which are around you or in atmosphere of house or office. That negative energy, evil and spirit which harm us in invisible mode it removes our freedom, happiness, growth, business, peace of mind and love also and develop higher tension, stressful life, limited income, no income, investment loss, flirt in profession and lack of peace and harmony also. it breaks our family and divide us into parts emotionally. This yantra heals that all type of problems permanently. We energize this yantra with Sri Durga Sri Yantra Utkeelan Tantram Rituals which are very rare and few people are known about it. also we recite 5,00,000 mantra of Sri Durga Seed Chants For this Sri yantra then we deliver it to client and it works in all ways and situations if you have trust and faith on god and you can do worship for 20 minutes daily with that item, so nothing is impossible for you in life.

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