Vashikaran Amulet

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Vashikaran
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We provide vashikaran amulet for vashikaran purpose, if you want to get respect everywhere, also you want attraction in your personality, you want to make everyone in your favor so you can wear our vashikaran taabiz (amulet) in neck. This vashikaran amulet you can use in your professional sector, in your business deal, in daily life or in politics and career also. This vashikaran amulet has strong magnetic power and magical attraction energies which gives you benefit in every sector. This vashikaran amulet you can use to make everyone in your favor. This amulet can also help you in love matters, if you have some confusions, misunderstanding, so it can make your lover in favor. Vashikaran amulet available in gold, silver and copper also. According to your budget you can get your own amulet.

For making vashikaran amulet, we need your full name, gotra, your picture, desire and your father mother name, for sending vashikaran amulet, we need your postal address pin code and mobile number.

  1. Tellakula chandrashekarc says:

    Please mention the price of gold amulet

  2. rajesh sharma says:

    I want this tabeez to get respect everywhere for personality development and to make every one in my favour


  3. Avinash says:

    please tell me the cost of the vashikaran amulet and other related items..

  4. Arnab says:

    Please tell the price of the amulet and any other article to get back loved ones permanently in life n to hold them for life long

  5. Arnab says:

    I need ur vashikaran amulet in copper. Can u tell me wat will be its cost n in how much days it will give me good results n how much time it will take to reach mumbai to my place.

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  9. Rahul goel says:

    Namaskar guru ji
    Mujko aap vashikran kesar, amulet ka( rate)
    Send kra yha most powerfull ho na chaiya
    Mai u.p sa ho merrut ka pas sa

  10. Jitender says:

    what is the cost of this Tabiz

  11. Jitender says:

    I did two times vasikaran on my partner through news paper add, but it seems that is does not work. i love him so much that i cannot live without him,its more then 9 month that i am approching almost every day, but it does not effect on him. Every time he said we are just friend not a lover but intialy he said he loves me but now his mind changed, he told me that he dont love me any more, some time he said he loves a guy, i also met that guy as well, but i still have hope that one day he will love me, i knwo there is age difference but love does not see age. he is just looking for physical relation only but now he totly denied for physical relation as well. i dont know what to do.
    I already cried for him so many times, i tried to sucide as well, but it does not effect on him.
    I want him back in my life. as we both are men so living together is not a problem without telling to world.
    His name is Kuldeep singh, Is Strong love spell is ok to get him back in my life of chandravajra spell is work for me.

  12. romie says:

    i have a jinnat scince 10 years and he still stay with me but dosent speak anything since last 3years,someone can help me please as i will pay big reward,thnx.

  13. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Hi, please let me know d cost of the amulet in silver.

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