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2This is stachu of angel. This stachu energized with angel spell and This stachu is very safe and secure and strong solution to remove evil spirits and black magic and tantra badha from your house, (more…)

Red Chandan mala is one of the 2 forms of sandalwood malas, with the white mala being the other form. It is accumulated of 108+1 red colored sandalwood beads with +1 bead lined up in a tassel.

The beads are tied along in a one sacred thread or silver wire in an old way, with knots between each 2 beads. It is known to be a highly promising Mala to be worn. (more…)

This is the lucky charm for gambling. You can use it with our easy procedure which can give you lot of money, success in gambling. First at dipawali night you should write this yantra with the help of saffron as ink and chandi made lead as pen. First do worship Dipawali special worship for Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha (more…)

This is Energized Keel which you have to bury in all four sides of home. It protects the person from evil spirit, black magic and tantra problem. For home security from supernatural powers you can use it. no need to do any worship, only just bury these all four keel into all four sides of home at sunday night and cut one lemon (more…)

This is the Key of Money. This item is very magical and it has higher success rate. This key is energized by Kunjika strotra and also Shreem Beez Mantra and Sri Sukt Path And Mahalaxmi Swarnawati Sadhna. Simply keep this key into your money place or locker of home or in office and day by day your money will increase and increase and wealth will develop. (more…)

This is magical crystal globe which is for calling spirits and also for study purpose. If you are physic or spirit caller so you can use this energized magical crystal globe. also if you look this item daily for 20 minutes to it gives the lot of benefit in mind, increase memory power, remembering power and deep concentration power also. (more…)

This is Kuber Kunji.Kuber Kunji is specially for money purpose and wealth galore. Specially if, on Diwali night  you place this item at home and start worship for it from Diwali night so within 7 days you can see immediate results. It increases and attracts money in home. Also gives happiness, wealth, prosperity, income, source and force of money flow at home. This item is high level energized and not like TV brand. (more…)

This is Ast Vinayak Yantra. This is chandi made framed yantra which has 8 different type of ganesha with lord ganesha siddh yantra. You can hang this yantra on the worship place of in office room. Daily show incense sticks and also ghee lamp and dhoop. Or if you have shop so after opening and before closing your shop show incense sticks and dhoop also ghee lamp and pray for wealth, prosperity, success, growth and saling in business. (more…)

This is Satru Nashak Shankh (Shankh to Destroy Enemies) If you have trouble with enemies, they are making problem in life, business and job also giving curse and doing tantra prayog for you and they are doing best to destroy you completely and you are helpless or innocent, (more…)

This is Mahalaxmi Siddh Murti, specially for shops, business places. You should keep this item at front of your office table always and daily show incense stick and ghee lamp when you open your shop of business office. This murti has high level energies which attract customers and business for you also (more…)

This is Mahalaxmi Siddh Charan Paduka. This item you can purchase only near dipawali and in Diwali night with that charan you have to perform mahalaxmi mahamantra prayog once. After that place this Mahalaxmi charan paduka at worship place of home. daily show incense stick and also light one ghee lamp near charan paduka. This Mahalaxmi Siddh Charan Paduka is energized for balanced (more…)

This is Mahalaxmi Locket Which attracts money for person, for money seekers, for financial problems and for poverty removing you should wear this locket in neck. In picture we shown front and back both side of yantra and it is 100% gold-plated. Person should not eat non veg and should not drink alcohol also. before doing sex, you should remove this yantra from neck. This yantra is highly powerful and strong. (more…)

Sri Yantra

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This is gold-plated Sri yantra Laxmi yantra. This locket you can wear in neck or the person who is earning member of your family, he should wear this locket in neck. This locket attracts money for the person. If you have financial problem, you used already many rituals, worships but not getting cure also your life is like hell, poverty not leaving you in life. Financial problems are not going, (more…)

This is syahi ka kaanta meaning Thorn for Enemies. This item is very powerful tool for enemies.  If you have two or many enemies and you want to see them fight among with each other and have discord daily, than this item is very useful for that. The process is very simple – all you have to do is for eg: 2  enemies – (more…)

This is Dhanlaxmi Kuber Dhanwarsha Yantra kit, for financial problem, money, income, job problems, business problems, in family matters and in all kind of financial problems and materialistic problems. In this you will get a Key of Money which you will keep in your money locker, also one small magical key of money u will keep in business place. That key opens the door of money for you from different (more…)

This is turtle made Sri yantra which is for happiness, cure from diseases, for healing negative energy and for wealth, money, income, prosperity, growth and peace in life. You should keep this item near Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi picture and daily you should do worship for it according to our guidance (more…)

This is Mahakaleshwar Murti. This item is specially for aghori, tantrik upasak and mahakal sadhaks.This murti is made by pure mercury mixed with vishnukaant stone. This murti is very effective for Mahakal Rituals, Tantrik Prayogs and Aghor Kriya.  It gives quick benefit in tantra prayog and rituals. (more…)

This is Satrangi Rosary which gives a strong magnetic attraction effect and also provides cure from diseases. It is most useful  and famous for getting cure and prevention  from even the severe diseases like cancer, brain hemorrhage etc. If you have any disease or pain in body, and after long treatment, you are feeling not any relief so wear this rosary within 21 days your disease or pain will be removed. Also this rosary reduces the effect of malefic planets by upto 70%.   (more…)

This is lord bhairaw siddh murti. This murti is specially for bhairav sadhna. When someone wants to do bhairaw sadhna so in this we use this murti for jap and aawahan of bhairaw. This murti is energized so whatever you will do in front of bhairaw murti, directly your wishes will be fulfilled by bhairaw. If you drink wine and eat non veg so also you can keep this murti at home and daily do worship for it (more…)

This is Sarwasiddhi Rosary, this rosary is for that person, who are spiritual and are doing any sadhna or they are vedic bramhins or pandit. This rosary gives success in the ritual which you are performing  for yourself or trying to  attain siddhi . Sarwasiddhi Rosary gives power and blessings to the person who wears this rosary in neck, those persons will always get success in all rituals, karma and spiritual path. (more…)

This is Harun mala, Best for students doing higher studies,  for  their success in examination. This rosary is energized with Sarwaswati Mahamantra and Sampoteet Sri Mantra ,which makes it very strong and after wearing this rosary , you will get success in educational sector everywhere. (more…)
This is vashikaran mohini rosary, Vashikaran Mohini Rosary is very useful for that person who always face depression, no attention from public or in office. Boss always threatening you or Wife is behaving like enemy, or You want to get respect from family and friends, so you should wear this vashikaran rosary in neck with mohini mantra jap. Then everywhere you  will get attention, respect and  have attractive (more…)

This is energized Shivling with nandi both are energized and this item only for Shiva lovers who wants to perform and get bless of Lord Shiva. If you do daily worship for this Shivling and Nandi properly so in whole life, any misfortune, obstacles, problem, diseases, tension or black magic or tantra cannot harm you. From energy of This Shivling and Nandi any type of negative energy, planet problem, (more…)


Shaligram is the dark stone found in the river Gandakti in Nepal Country. It represents Lord Vishnu, Who lives in the form of shaligram to help someone always who really need his help and he is devotee of Narayan, He always help the person who are tortured by demons and evil in the world. Shaligram is available in many sizes shapes in colors,There are many types of Shaligrams, We are showing here some details about shaligram: (more…)


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This is shankh energized. It is for removing evil spirits and demons and also for taking bless of Lord Vishnu. You have to do one ritual of Lord Vishnu daily which is for 30 minutes after you will blow this shankh from mouth and from shankh vibration and mantra which you recited in ritual all evil and demons which are around your home or office they will be destroyed. This shankh is very helpful for destroying demons (more…)

This is original sandal wood. This sandal wood is energized from vashikaran mantra (4,00,00 Times) this sandal wood you can use to attract people around you, if you are going for any presentation, meeting or in interview so make a mark on forehead from this sandal wood paste. For making paste you have to rub it. (more…)

This is black hakik rosary. This rosary is very beneficial for many purpose. This rosary you can use for doing Mahakali Sadhna, Bhairaw Sadhna, Rahu Sadhna And Rahu Jap also. This rosary also helpful to gain maximum wealth and protection from supernatural energies. If person has any problem in life like money problem, (more…)

This is pitambari neelam which is only for that person who has the problem with Saturn and Jupiter or He has conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in any house from which he is getting harmful effects in life. If you are suffering from any bad period, thinking to suicide, money problem, lack of guidance, failure in business, promotion, always feel you are cursed or something is there which is unexplained, Also if you get intutions or nightmares, it means there is transit in horoscope where Guru and Shani are making a bad yog spoiling your life. (more…)

This is Tantra badha and Black magic removal rosary, This rosary made from Original Stones and it has speciality, after wearing this rosory you will get cure from all black magic and tantra problems in life. If someone is doing tantra mantra or tona totka for you so it cannot harm you even he will get reverse effect. (more…)

This is specially for Saturn and Rahu Made Yantra. This yantra works for both planets RAHU AND SATURN. According to many horoscopes we studied normally in 90% of person has always Saturn and rahu in bad position (Wakri) or If Saturn is good so rahu is Malefic or both are benefic but degree is very low so we made this yantra which is for Saturn and Rahu related problems. If you have any kind of problem in which Saturn sadhe sati period, (more…)

This is most strong energized Mahakal Trishul which is only for strong black magic effects and for person who are possessed by evil spirits. If you are listening some voice daily at main door of home, you feeling like someone crying in the room but no one is there, if you feel sometime, (more…)

This is Krundam Yantra which is only for removing poverty, financial loss, money problem, and for healing venus and Saturn related problems in horoscope. This pendent highly energized and it gives result within some days or only within a month only. person who has Saturn and Venus in Same House in horoscope (more…)

Kali urad also known by the name of black gram. Kali urad is most important in tantra prayogs and for rituals also. for shamshan sadhna, aghor sadhna, maaran prayog, killing or punishing enemy, for siyarsingi and hathajodi worships, for sher singi worships for bhairaw sadhna and in many tantrik prayog  (more…)

This is siddh bhasm of Lord Shiva. As we know in Shiva worships without bhasm or bhabhuti or vibhuti both are same item name we cannot do proper worship and who will not put tilak of bhasm in shivling, Shiva will not take his worship and also not bless to person so, Bhasm tilak is necessary for Shiva Murti and Shivling pooja. This bhasm is must if you are invoking for Shiva or (more…)

This is siddh energized Shivling which we use for our Lord shiva worships. This energized siddh Shivling gives always quick effect and result to worshiper and also Mahadev always there with him for protecting him from misfortunes in life and care. This shivling is not ordinary shivling which available in market. This shivling made from our old scripture format and according to Astdhatu made metals. (more…)

This is traditional deepak (Lamp) which we use in our Hindu worships. In this lamp you can light ghee or oil lamp and show it to your god or goddess also in ritual you can use this lamp. This is divine and Best because made from panch dhatu not pittal only. Panchdhatu is pure and divine according to (more…)


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This is Neeli Made bracelet This bracelet is best for person who wants to protect them selve by saturn malefic effects also wants to earn more in life. Neeli is substitute gem of neelam. Neeli we use for Saturn effects, If Saturn is weak in horoscope or malefic so you can wear this brecelet and get bless of Saturn (more…)

This is Hanuman rosary, For Hanuman mantra jap and Hanuman mantra siddhi and Hanuman rituals this rosary is must. Hanuman rosary is made from original and pure Coral Beads and all beads are energized from 108 mantra for panchakchari Hanuman mantra. This rosary also give effects if you can wear only in neck and follow instructions like you cannot eat non veg and cannot drink alcohol. You should live like a holy person (more…)

This is kaam roop mani which is mysterious item which can fulfill your desires, It gives strong sexual powers, wealth, health, progress and stability in life. Kam Roop mani is also very helpful for impotent. With this mani if you do some special rituals so you can get gold daily from Lord Kuber but you have to use it daily, cannot store. This Kaam Roop Mani has many secret powers also. But if you keep it , (more…)

This is margaj made Nandi Bhagwan Murti. Which is very beneficial to take bless of Bhagwan Shiva and Also Bless of Mercury Planet. As we know Shiva likes Nandi and Child of him. And Nandi is most favorable person of Shiva. wherever you will get Any Shivling, Nandi Murti must be there. Because without doing worship of Nandi Shiva Pooja cannot success. It is bless of Shiva For Nandi. After Shiva Worship, (more…)

Black mustard seeds are very useful for tantrik purpose. Tantriks use it for destroying enemies of client, for progress and growth in life, also its very helpful to cure someone from spirit effect and evil problems, for curing someone you can use it. This item also very helpful in Many Hathajodi and Siyarsingi (more…)

This is dangerous Raktambari Neelam ring with  small diamonds ( jeriken stone) Ring As We Know in our previous article Most Dangerous Raktambari Neelam in which we told everything about this dangerous gem, but now here we are sharing information for different topic. Person who has Venus, Rahu And Shani in Same House that person only can wear this ring. This ring is for Rahu, Saturn And Venus also. (more…)

This is Maa Yellow Hakik Rosary which is useful for banglamukhi jap, guru mantra jap, Hanuman mantra jap, and for some kind of mantra of mahalaxmi jap. This rosary also energized with Banglamukhi, Hanuman And Guru Mantra and Its Chaitanya Rosary so anyone can wear it and get help to reduce problems in life. (more…)

This is mahasiddh jagtamba amulet which is for protection from evil spirit, evil and tantra problems, if you think you are cursed and you are not getting cure by remedies, you have nightmares, always you seen something like invisible or Horrible which is not in reality, spirit coming in body, (more…)

This is normal energized siddh Ganesha murti which is for worship purpose. in any occasion, celebration or for worship purpose you can keep this murti and get bless and benefits of lord Ganesha by this murti. (more…)

This is Chandi made pure Ganesha murti. At Ganesh Chaturthi, Dipawali or Dhanteras you can place this murti at worship place and daily do worship for it at morning also in evening so You will never face problem in Tantra Sadhna and Siddhi. This item is energized only for Sadhaks and Tantriks  (more…)