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  1. surya says:

    give all the price list of tantrik or tantra e book collection

  2. veer says:

    hello sir i want info abut black tarmarik ….
    wht is use of this thing and who to make usefull

  3. Satyam says:

    Will you solve problems free of cost without any money ?

  4. santosh says:

    Actually me meri gf mere se nafrat karti hai jo mghse bahut pyaar karti thi.aur jisse meri shaadi hone waali thi

    Plz help me out

  5. kumud gupta says:

    i want to get my girlfriend back .i love her so much i cant live without her plz help me

  6. geetha says:

    i am geetha from ap i am suffuring with my daughter. she went away from our house with a sc guy and got married.he is not capable person for my family . we are disireing that her get back soon- plss tell remedi of this problem.-tq

  7. rupam says:

    my parents are not agree for my sisters love marriage bcz the boy is of same this possible to convince my parents without harming them..what will be the total cost and how many days it requires?pls reply soon.

    • Vinnie says:

      Hi I’m having an issue been in a relationship for 4 years it’s a long distance one but keep having issue she keeps going to her ex and coming back to me. Her ex is also her husband who she’s trying to get divorce from I’m very lost so I’m not sure what needs to be done. I found a vashikaran expert and paid but never answers my calls now. I donr want to be cheated anymore I need results if u can help email me a number and a person I can speak to and time of call
      Thanks Vinnie

    • vagish pandey says:

      if it is same gotra then they are from same ancestor. it means they r brother -sister.

  8. kamal says:

    I am interested to learn tantrik vidaya. kindly guide me and help me . i really impressed ur articals .
    Thanks – Dr. Kamal

  9. namit kumar says:

    what is the price of indrajaal,hathajodi,siyarsinghi….

  10. Manoranjan bagarty says:

    Sir i want to know about sadhana of hidden tressure

  11. Eli says:

    You are Great

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  13. Hello sir,

    I am in love with a boy who works with me in the same organisations, we both want to marry each other and settle down in life. But his parents are not accepting for our marriage, since he is the only son for them he does not want to go against his parents and marry me, he is ready to wait and get there acceptace for our relation. His parents dont want to listen to him neither are ready to accept me . I need ur help sir, i love him a lot and i dont want to lose him bcoz of his parents pls give me some simple mantra by which i can convince his parents to accept me as there daughter in law. pls sir.

    • Mansi says:

      is this possible to convince his parents without harming them..what will be the total cost and how many days it requires?pls reply soon.


  14. pls guru ji mujhe pari shadhana ki book bataye aur book kaha se milegi yeh bhi bataye…

  15. Gomathi Ayyappan says:

    My name is Gomathi my husband  name is  Ayyappan  my problem is my husband went out of my house 8 months ago he is in my sisterinlaws house we have some misunderstanding, so we quralled each other for that only he went out of my house, we have 5 yrs old girl, some astrologers are telling in my husband jathak he will have chance to get 2nd marriage i am so worried about that & he is telling somebody did blackmagic for us i don’t know whether it is true or not, my financial position is very poor,  i don’t know what to do, now i am in my mother’s house, please kindly do something for this problem, my husband will be back to my home & he won’t go to marry any other women or any other wrong relationship, please do something for this problem i am much worried abt my husband  
    houm much you are charging for this because my financial position is very bad.
    Gomathi Date of Birth – 04-06-1983, My Husband name is Ayyappan Date of Birth – 19.05.1976

  16. niteshkumar says:

    respeceted sir ,
    one time was there we are so happy but my born age is to bad, how much we struggle till now we did not get good responce why ? i faith on god so much my 4th year is running for my marriage but we are not happy with my parents & my running bussiness has stoped .
    please help me

  17. Deb Roy says:

    guruji i have been strugling for long time in every steps of my life.i have been failure in every times when i like a girl and she directly refuse me.i am tired of start looking for any good looking girl.plz help me out by giving mantra to over come it.i want to get my desired good looking life partner.plz help me guruji

  18. sir mujhe apsara shadhna aur shaddhi ki book chahiye so mujhe bank account details send karne ki kripa kare…

  19. vijayakumar L says:

    Please quote me your best price for Hatha jodi and sher singhi both 3 sets with best price and do’s and dont’s…

  20. amit says:

    My girlfriend loves me a lot but due to family reasons she has created distance from me .pls help

  21. ravindra kumar says:

    i want to see pari or apsara by my eye-how can you help me? I want your help. Please help me.

  22. RJ says:

    Lost love. Need your help please.

  23. rosej says:

    Plz need help with business success and finances. Contact me at email plz

  24. n. h. says:

    I would like a reading, I am from Mumbai and have settled in the west married to a American man, somewhat happy but miss my culture and after all the years here still wonder what life would be like if I had stayed where my heart is in India. When I married my husband he was doing very well financially in a very creative career….Now we are struggling with two children( my daughter has had brain and heart surgery and is doing miraculously well..lots of prayers to her)and cannot afford to live in the city so he is sleeping on the floor of his office half the week and with us half the week.
    I know my fathers lineage had a curse and I wonder if I brought it to my family now, we cannot even afford to show our daughters my country. My heart breaks whenever I even see a picture of India, I so miss it and I try and be grateful where we are. I teach yoga, meditation and do healing work. I saw your mantra’s but I only read english and cannot follow, can you send me in english? how much is a astrological reading and cure with you?
    please advise,
    thank you

  25. Amrit says:

    Dear Pandit Ji,
    My mental health is detereorating. I suffer from many severe phobias and anxiety disorder. My life is not going well.

    Please help me.

    Thank you

  26. Deepak says:

    I want to achive Kali Maa Sadhana during ongoing Navratras,Could you please let me know the process and Guru Disha for the success.

  27. Imtiaz sanne says:

    Any one getting solution from here for vashikararn????

  28. Aditi says:

    is anybody there who has tried vashikaran to get your love back and got success. Please share your experience so that i can decide.

    I want my love back who is not talking to me anymore. If i try vashikaran, can i get him back???

    Please respond. This is really urgent.

  29. siri says:

    cn u pls help me and let me knw d email id and num so dat i cn cl u

  30. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  31. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  32. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  33. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  34. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  35. […] HomeAstrologyBlack MagicContact UsOur Magical Items, Gem & StonesTantra, Mantra, Yantra […]

  36. jamuna says:

    sir.i have problems in my marid life my husband sees me like an enemy he is attachd to his mother like mad man she doesnt alow to stay together hapily she interferes a lot very very much nevr alttow us to stay seperately now im stayg away frm my 2smal kids he does nt alow me to rear them also dat

  37. jamuna says:

    continued she is attachd like a wife to him she does nt alow to lead our family individual evry word evry leter she interfere i just want her to stay away and live my husband and kids seperately daily fgtg between he nvr wants to stay wth me seperately he wants his mum wth us who creates problem

  38. jamuna says:

    problems at evry steps gosipping un necesary thngs i want a vashikaran mantram or such solution to get my kids and husband and stay seperately wth peace to be away far away frm his mum my kids she want to rear she wil nvr alow my kids to gve to me to rear vry much interference if i say anthng

  39. jamuna says:

    she makes my husband beat me if i talk abt dat mum im away frm my smal kids and my husband becouse of dat lady in our life plz gve me vasikarna mantra to get away my kids and my husband if u help me out of dis problem it is like doing another research in ur field i dnt knw any other la

  40. jamuna says:

    i dnt knw whether any other girl has faced problem as much as me she has seperatd 5mnths old kid frm me my husband and kids r staying wth dat mum of his it is imposible to stay wth her but my husband wil nt dudge an inch to come out wth out her to leave seperatly my kids nt lukd after pq pro

  41. jamuna says:

    properly she acts in frnt of son as if she takes care vry wel al in al my kids and me r suferg any word of me my husband he wont listen he listen to evry leter of his mum vry dificult to lead life wth dat kind of mother in picture plz help me tel me mantras of vasikaran to get out dis hel problem

  42. jamuna says:

    as early as posible dis much details im writg becouse 5yr since im facg d problem and fgtg for to stay seperaty but in vain i have tried al astro solution none of those helpd finaly was search surabi mantra found out ur adres plz help me wth vasikaran mantra take my case as a special one an

  43. jamuna says:

    and deal as a individual case if do find a solution life long free of my problem it is like doing new research in ur field as i said plz reply bck thank u sir i wil be vry great ful if u help me out last janma karma may be im away frm my husband and 2 smal kids get me out of dis problems plz plz p

  44. Satyam says:


  45. M Sarath Babu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’ve been suffering from Black Magic from past 3+ years done by my one blood members.
    I understood certain things about Black Magic, like how it works, in wat all ways it affects us.
    i’ve faced so many problems from past 2+ years, I’m just solving it understanding the real time scenario of life.

    Recently from February 2012 my frustration went into deep depression I removed every thing which was hanged in front of door, buried infront of gate I burnt it.

    Before 3 weeks I had a major problem. It started in nights I felt for a week my neck, hands & legs are tied with some energy. One day I had to sleep in my relatives house when I was sleeping I know of sure that lady threw eggs on me. 1st time when she threw I saw nothing was there, 2nd time when I herd the sound their dog came near me & went. I did not sleep at all 3rd time I was watching her all of sudden she took something from cover I caught her. Next day itself I became mental everyone say that but I know wat happened I felt someone sitting on me holding my head, hands & legs. I couldn’t control myself I had to act according to it (some power). Everyone blamed me they took me to muslin sorcerer he did some thing & all they took 1 nerve from my last finger again they have hanged something in front of door with Hanuman god’s photo next to it. They have given me talisman to be tied for ever.

    I wanted to get rid out of it I’m desperately seeking help from you to protect me from Black Magical force.
    I wanted to learn some magic to protect myself against all evil culprits, please help me.

    • vikramraj says:

      dear sir,
      had your problem solved are still u are suffering with black magic stuff, need your feed back, since my close relation is suffering from the same kind of problems so am i seeking support every were.. pl reply to my email adre

  46. raj says:

    sir.meri problem yeh hai ki mai ek ladki se bhut pyar krta hun wo bhi krti thi mujhese lgbhag 4 sal tk hm logo ki relationship aachi chali.lekin abhi aprail me uske gharwale kisi tantrik se mile the usne mera nam tk unhe bta diya sb kuch mere bare me usne tantrik ne bta diya uske gharwalo se.aur fir uske bad se lgbhag may se wo mujhse dur hone lgi aur june me to usne rista hi tod diya.ab to bat bhi nhi krta hai mujhse.mujhe saq hai ki uske gharwalo ne us tantrik se milke kuch krwa diya hai tbhi wo aisi ho gyi awaz tk sunne ko taiyar n hai meri.kripya mera uchit margdarshan kre.jisse mai fir us usse paa sku usi roop me.plz help me mujhe kya krna hoga.
    please help me.
    please help me.
    mujhe koi karger upay btaye jisse mai apni life(girlfriend)ko wapes paa sku.please help me pleasekoi sarel sa karger aur achook upay btaye jisse kuch bhi hua ho bs wo mere pas waise hi aa jaye jaise thi kbi mere pas. please help me sir.mere pas koi sahara nhi hai bs apke alwa please help me.

  47. mansi says:

    my brother was black magiced few years back by his office colligues since den he is not working or going for job he use to talk alone laugh and wen we aske him he replys normally he is liveing normally bt few things are not like normal
    we conselted all the tantrika & gurus did everything wht dhe asked to do ..even world famous tantrik we consulted ..those just tell everything abt him by asking name..we also consulted tantrik who showed in a thali tht how sombody in jelosy done black magic ..we solved it..but still somthing is der tobe solved all tantriks says der is nothing but the effect of day dreaming ..he has bcom day dreamer all times he sits inside room and open eyedly dreams wht should be done ..any suggestion..we want him to get marry & start earning and live normaly

  48. P.Vamshi krishna says:

    Dear guruji thanks for responding to my problem with patiency every time. U are the only hope to people who lost belief on all other babas and gurus.

  49. Karthik says:

    Hi sir my name is karthik and i am in love with a girl name lydia for the last six months. to be very honest i doubt if she truely loves me from her heart. more over now she is sayin that she will marry the person whom ever her mother says but i dont think so i can stay with out her in my life. i am not able to concentrate on anything like work,not able to sleep or able to eat also. Everyday i am goin mad. Please help me i love her so much from the bottom of my heart. PLEASE.

  50. Vinit says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had been dating a girl from 3 years and we ended up breaking up 4 months back. i really love her lot and want her back in my life. I dont remember when was the last i even smiled. SHe means my world to me. But i tried various vashikaran sites online and ended up loosing a lot f money without any results. I really want to be bak with her and i swear that i will never hut her ever again. Please help me.

  51. Ajay Mishra says:

    Name: Malo
    Case Details: Pranam baba Baba me ek ladki se shadi karna chahta hu wo bhi mere se hi karna chahti hai shadi.humdono 7 yrs se ek dusre k sath hai per achanak se uski shadi uske ghar walo ne Laga di ,hum dono ek dusre se shadi karna chahte hai per me uske ghar wale se bola aur ladki ne bhi apne ghar walo se bat ki per wo nahi man rahe hai wo Bol rahe hai ki hum log bolne me der kar di..humdono ek dusre se shadi karna chahte hai.nahi to hum dono mar jayenge baba..mene us ladke se bhi bat ki aur ladki ne bhi bat ki humdono ne wo ladke ko bola jisse uski shadi ghar wale kar wa rahe hai…humdono ne bahot reqst kiye wo ladke se ki shadi se back ho jaoo ,esme hum tino ki zindgi ka swal hai per wo ladka nh mana aur ladki k mummy papa ko Bol diya apki Beti kise aur ladke se pyar karti hai ..uske mummy papa ne usse bahot mara….baba apse reqst hai kuch aisa kar dijiye ki wo shadi ruk Jaye aur hum dono ki shadi ho Jaye …nahi to humdono mar jayenge baba ..please help me baba I request u ,I beg u ..uski shadi ka date 29 nov hai…plz baba,,,reply me soon

  52. Himani says:

    i have been told my body is possessed, i have developed infection in caesarean stiches which is not cured with surgery or medecines leme know what it is???


    Hi sir my name is Soumen and i am in love with a girl name Raimani Ghosh for the last 14 months. to be very honest i doubt if she truly loves me from her heart. more over now she is saying that she will marry the person whom ever her mother says but i don’t think so i can stay with out her in my life. i am not able to concentrate on anything like work,not able to sleep or able to eat also. Everyday i am going mad. Please help me i love her so much from the bottom of my heart. Every tantrik and moulabi has failed to bring her to me and can’t find her as she with her mother gone into hiding..I have already married in the hindu mandir secretly, but from may 2012 she is telling that she won’t marry me in the social function and has ditched me and left me. Please help me to bring her back for lifetime.

  54. I just want to know more about sadhna genie and does it appear

  55. mrinal says:

    want to learn black magic,want book in Bengali version .ple help me.

  56. Suraj Mahi says:

    Guruji pranam, do you have any solutions for quick divorce where i need not to do any puja and all the puja is done from your side for me? Please answer me first so that we can proceed.

  57. shiva says:

    sir ji namaskar mera business bahut dall chalrahahai,1 sal ke pehale bhahut thik chalraha tha lekin ab my bhahut kamjor hoga yahu bisuness me.ab my kyakaru

  58. pooja arora says:


    I want to attract a men but he is ignoring me..we are friends..please tell me any way to attract him.i will be very thankful to you.

  59. rekha says:

    Case Details: mera case love problem ka h, 4 saal se ek ladke ko bahut chahti hu , wo b bahut jyada chahta tha , ese to kafi bar jagde huye , par alag nhi huye 4 saal se pta nhi kyu.or last april 2012 me fir ek bar breakup hua lekin july -aug me fir usne mujse mafi mangi or usne sadi karne ko kaha mujse , hamne mandir me sept.2012 sagai ki, or bhagwan k samne ek tarah se sadi b ki. lekin jan.2013 atk sab thik tha , par uske bad wo mujse dur hone laga or uske ghar walo ne uske sahai kisi or se kar di or wo b maan gya or ab sadi krne ja raha h 19 may 2013 ko, muje marne ko man krta h, usne muje cheat kiya , wo bahut khush h sadi se,kya kru,

  60. 123456 says:

    i want to discuss more about what we can do to make a good deal regarding the business

  61. 123456 says:


    I was looking through your website. Its great website you have.


  62. ram says:

    Need apsarasadhana and yakhini sadhana details and guidence

  63. Muhammad Mosharaf Hussen badal says:

    how can I send my picture?

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