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We Provide all kind of Tantrik Solutions. If you think you have spirit problem in home, or you followed all astrology remedies for yourself but you did not get cure and still you have same problem. If your life everything is going wrong. Your Business is not running good or in your job you are not getting promotions or Your Wife or Husband is fighting with you like enemy, all family members are suffering from some diseases, Unwanted accident happening with you. You are feeling someone near you always, Something happening with you which you can not explain from wordings, Always you see bad dreams and horror dreams and nightmares.

If you have any symtom so it means you have tantra, mantra, yantra problem. or someone tried to harm you or your family from tantra. Also in some cases you can use tantra solutions for benefits like, someone stole your property etc. or Any enemy is making problem for you, or Your family or relatives making problem and you want to make everyone in your favour, Court case and legal problems, If all cases and situations you should follow tantra solutions with astrology remedies. From Tantra you can solve all kind of supernatual pr0blem.

The Meaning of “Tantra”

The word “tantra” is derived from the combination of two words “tattva” and “mantra”. “Tattva” means the science of cosmic principles, while “mantra” refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread: Tanyate vistaryate jnanam anemna iti tantram.

There are essentially two schools of Indian scriptures – “Agama” and “Nigama”. Agamas are those which are revelations while Nigama are the traditions. Tantra is an Agama and hence it is called “srutishakhavisesah”, which means it is a branch of the Vedas.

Tantric Scriptures

The main deities worshipped are Shiva and Shakti. In tantra there is a great significance of “bali” or animal sacrifices. The most vigorous aspects of Vedic traditions evolved as an esoteric system of knowledge in the Tantras. The Atharva Veda is considered to be one of the prime tantrik scriptures.

Types & Terminology

There are 18 “Agamas”, which are also referred to as Shiva tantras, and they are ritualistic in character. There are three distinct tantrik traditions – Dakshina, Vama and Madhyama. They represent the three “shaktis” or powers of Shiva and are characterised by the three “gunas” or qualities – “sattva”, “rajas” and “tamas”. The Dakshina tradition, characterised by the “sattva” branch of tantra is essentially for good purpose. The Madhyama, characterised by “rajas” is of mixed nature, while the Vama, characterised by “tamas” is the most impure form of tantra.

Rustic Tantriks

In Indian villages, tantriks are still not quite hard to find. Many of them help the villagers solve their problems. Every person who has lived in the villages or has spent his childhood there, has a story to tell. What is so easily believed in the villages might appear illogical and unscientific to the rational urban mind, but these phenomena are realities of life.

Desire for Worldly Pleasures

Tantra is different from other traditions because it takes the whole person, and his/her worldly desires into account. Other spiritual traditions ordinarily teach that desire for material pleasures and spiritual aspirations are mutually exclusive, setting the stage for an endless internal struggle. Although most people are drawn into spiritual beliefs and practices, they have a natural urge to fulfill their desires. With no way to reconcile these two impulses, they fall prey to guilt and self-condemnation or become hypocritical. Tantra offers an alternative path.

Explore More: The Uses & Abuses of Tantra

The Tantrik Approach To Life

The tantrik approach to life avoids this pitfall. Tantra itself means “to weave, to expand, and to spread”, and according to tantrik masters, the fabric of life can provide true and ever-lasting fulfillment only when all the threads are woven according to the pattern designated by nature. When we are born, life naturally forms itself around that pattern. But as we grow, our ignorance, desire, attachment, fear, and false images of others and ourselves tangle and tear the threads, disfiguring the fabric. Tantra “sadhana” or practice reweaves the fabric, and restores the original pattern. This path is systematic and comprehensive. The profound science and practices pertaining to hatha yoga, pranayama, mudras, rituals, kundalini yoga, nada yoga, mantra, mandala, visualization of dieties, alchemy, ayurveda, astrology, and hundreds of esoteric practices for generating worldly and spiritual prosperity blend perfectly in the tantrik disciplines.

We provide energized yantra for worships and mantra for chantings and also we do strong tantrik kriya from our hands to cure your family, life and Your Body also. Our All Tantrik Kriya is safe and no side effects. Our Tantra, Mantra, Yantra all works in invisible way for you always. No need to change after sometime.

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  1. Govind says:

    Sir, i want to know how to get rid from bad sprit of 200 year old and after a lot of worship and tantrik kriyas no solution came out and the bad sprit does not want to leave please help me sir any how to get rid there are 2 ,3 more bad sprit also n totally destory the life from last 7 years please help

    • KP garga says:

      My wife is suffering from bad evil sight for last 20 years Pls help me

      • raju patel says:

        My Wife is suffering from bad evil and uncureable illness done from my relatives from 23 years Pls Help Me

    • surabhi says:

      Baba ji namaste,
      mere chacha ne mentally tension de dekar mera papa se ghar wagrah sab le leeya ab unki neeyat poori khati hadappne mein hai mein chahti hu ap kuch aisa kar de ki wo poori khati bechna ke leeya tayar ho jaye or jaisa mere papa kahe waise hi kare usne hum logo ko bahut perashaan kar rakha hai…..mera parivaar bahut musibat mein hai mere chacha ka naam rajesh agrawal hai ….kuch bhi karke is rakshash se peecha chuda do baba ji….

  2. Govind says:

    Sir, that evil sprit is transfer to my daughter by some tantrik kriyas and that evil sprit harm to my daughter very much loss weight,dipression,go to toilet again n again ,weakness,loss of sence, feeling stress to different body part and differnt sensitive organ ,she says that one long man showned by him when she was alone and during night time she sleep like she became dead and differen type of bad sound is creating by him, i think that evil sprit tourcher him very badly and capture his sprit and sir in my daughter case what ever you want to ask i tell it correctly but pls get some solution

  3. Mayank Sharma says:

    How to Contact you, please inform. I tried to contact but could not find any link to contact you.

    Thank you

  4. L.N. SHARMA says:

    For the last 2 months I fear to enter in my home. It seems that some one is sitting in my home.
    At midnight 12 some one pull my wife hair. Every time I feel that someone is standing near me.
    Many times I see some black show is running in my foot. If once I enter in home I cannot come out
    from house. Every time I feel to sleep & body pain,foot pain hand pain. Our husband wife quarrel is
    is increasing daily. We are very much harresed. Some one say about tantra prayog did by enemy.
    Kindly advise me. I will remain obliged for the whole life.

  5. Zervanadiya says:

    good day
    please I need help from some person that have vak siddhi or power to fulfill wishes and will agree to help me.If you know such person please give me his email or telephone number or other details

  6. Santosh Kumar Gupta says:

    ma bap ko gali deti rahti hai kripya mujhe koi mantra gat ya jo bhi aap jyada uchit samjhe bataiye.
    -sadar charan sparsa.

  7. Santosh Kumar Gupta says:

    Guru ji kripya mujhe bataiye ki mai apni dadi (grandmother) ka vashikaran kaise karon wo ek dust stri hai aur sada mujhe aur mere ma bap ko gali deti rahti hai kripya mujhe koi mantra gat ya jo bhi aap jyada uchit samjhe bataiye.
    -sadar charan sparsa.

  8. daughter name: Nityalila Heeraumun says:

    Dear sir,
    My daughter is still at college.My neibour and his parents have cast a spirit over her.She no longer listens to us .She keeps sleeping and give all home incident by mobile to them.The boy has pledged her want to ruin her life.

  9. daughter name: Nityalila Heeraumun says:

    I want your assistance to cure the child.I feel so sad and heaviness in heart seeing my daughter in such a condition.She no longer perfom any prayer just keep her locked in her room and only sleep

  10. rashmi saraswat says:

    sir..i m suffering with a big problem from last many years.my husband [dr himashu saraswat] is a doc of naturopathy n yoga.he started his work from 2000.but till now he is suffering wid many problems.we got married in 2007.but no change in economy.his dob is 20-nov 1978 n mine is 29-dec 1983.he also tried other things like property dealing etc but no result.can u give us any solution??

  11. Santosh Kumar Gupta says:

    Respected sir,
    I want a solution of my problem. Actually my elder sister is fall in love of her class fellow. Me and my family know that he is a bad and loose character. But my sister does not hear any body of my family. And also she is out of our control, so what i can do by which she free from his affection and obey my family.

    • Mayuri. Shah says:

      Sir, Please help me.My Father died in his young age.My mother keep on having health problem.Younger brother is 21 still sits at home like dump.i m the only Earning person in my family.i m in love with a guy.He too loves me lot and want to help my family but he too is struggling.no source of money and happiness.i m fed up.. need some help to improve my life.

  12. chitrani says:

    Sir, in my house their is no peace and always fighting with each other for silly reasons i dont know why we are sufering from long back from 2004 to till date nof only one problem we have many problems pl. try to way all these problems from our life .

  13. Nagendra says:

    Respected sir I lost my love as I was busy in my Study and exam. She came in clntact with other namedDevraj roy. My name is Nagendra Kumar mother- Smt. Radha Devi. Date of Birth-23/11/1977. Name of my belove- Priyanka Singh. Her date of birth is- 2/3/1985. Her mother- Rajbla. Can u tell me why she left me and how I can get her back. There was body relation between us. She is the resident of Delhi and I am the resident of Bihar. Now I have passed MBBS and doing internship.

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  15. Dilip says:

    For job and happy life

  16. Om says:

    Jai guru dev
    muje lover ka problem hai kiya aap use solve kar sakte hai mene kitne hi tantriko se sampark kiya lekin sabi log phle paise le lete hai or mera kam nhi ho pata es chaker me mera kam dhanda sabhi chut gya hai me barbad ho gya hu. Aap mere guru bhi hai es liye mene aap se sampark kiya hai me pujay guruji narayandut sri mali ka sisya hu. Aap muje aap ke number de kiya aap meri problem aram se sunege.me aap ke email ka entzaar karunga.
    jai gurudev

  17. Om says:

    Jai guru dev

  18. PATIL says:

    dev bandhan & karni which stop the flow of money.is there any solution plz send mi sir


    Pl. Help me, iam suffering from tantric efect. I don’t know who is doing so, for what purpose. Kindly make me, my son, my daughter, my job, my homeland & my future, free from tantric effect.

  20. raj kaur says:

    hello sir,mera pati mujse pyar nahi karta voh meri koi baat bhi nahi sunta hai our na hi manta hai choti choti baato par jhagda karta hai plz mujhe koi aisa mantar bataye ke woh mere vash mein hojaye.

  21. anurag says:

    Hemllo babaji namaskaarbabaji pls mere bhai ko paralysis karwa do aap apna phone no bataiye aur bank a/ cnt name and a/ cnt no so tht i can transfer the money

  22. Geetha Rao says:

    My relationship with my husband is very critical. It has almost come till divorce. Please send me suggestions or predictions or what remedies to be undertaken for this at the earliest

  23. abdulrahmon kabiru olaide says:

    debit problem

  24. m.v.prasad says:

    my age is 24. i have lot of problems in my life and i am unable to do any thing.is it really possible that one apsara/sadhana vanishes all the problems.if yes,then tell me if anyone is having any experience with angels/gods.please give me the full guidance to do the appropriate sadhana .and i want to welcome apsara into my life.

  25. SHARADKUMAR says:

    meri madad kijye mera naam sharad kumar hai mai29 saal kaa hoon maine bachpan se apne mata pita ko ladte dekha hai jiskee wajah se meri aur mere bhai kee education bhi disturb ho gayi lekin phir bhee maine himmat nahi hari mera selection kaye acche colleges may hua lekein admission ke bavjood may padh nahi paya aiSa lagta haikee manjil par pahuchte ihe koi mujhe piche dhakel deta hai mere papa bhee sankee mijaj ke hai aachanak who jhagda karne lagte hain kuch din pehley unkaa accident ho gaya tha iske alava unhone daSS SAAL PEHLE EK PLOT EK BUILDER SE KHARIDA THAA LEKIN USNEY AAJ TAK PLOT KEE REGISTRY MERE PAPA KEY NAAM SEY NAHI KEY HAMARE GHAR MAY KOI BHEE KUSH NAHI HAI HAMARE GHAR KEY BRAKKAT RUK SEE GAYI HAI EK BAAR EK TANTRA JANNE WALI AURAT NE BATAYA THA KI HAMARE GHAR KEE BARAQT KOI TANTRA KE JARIYE LEY GAYA HAI JISKEE WAJAH SEY SAB GADBAD HO RAHI HAI MAY AAP SE JANAA CHATA HOON KEY KYA YE SACH HO SAKTA AGAR HAAN TO SARAL AUR ACCHOK UPAYE BATAYE

  26. Amrit says:

    Dear Pandit Ji,
    My mental health is detereorating. I suffer from many severe phobias and anxiety disorders. My life is not going well.

    Please help me.

    Thank you

  27. vipin says:

    bibi ko wapis bulane ke liye kya karu

  28. Amrit says:

    Please send me mantra for Vashikaran & hypnotism.


  29. Satyam says:

    Guruji Namaste,

    Wants to want win lucky draw. lucky draw is in the month of May. Please tell any tantra by which Lucky Draw come under my control for winning. Without any harm to anybody…Please help me…..

  30. Satyam says:

    I am starting business of tution classes in my home itself. i want many students should attract for coming in my tution classes.tell me something that this happen without any harm to anybody…

  31. vijayalkshmi. says:

    i got married in the year 2011. but lot of struggles and misunderstanding in my relationship. he in affair with another women. so i decided to depart from him. am very clear in departing. in heart i am in love with my boyfriend, i like to marry my boyfriend. pls help me to get married. pls. i like to lead a life. howlong i have to face struggles.pls help me to get married with my boyfriend. i love him lot. my boyfriend name is Rameshkumar. he too loving me lot. but he is not talking with me now. pls help me.eagerly waiting for your reply.pls help me. i beg u.
    thanks ,

  32. Satyam says:

    If I do Tantra and Mantra from this website so will it create any type of problems after some time or it will give me profit without any harm? Is all the solutions are safe to do from this website related to Vashikaran,Tantra,Mantra,Tona-Totka etc…..

  33. animesh jha says:

    jai guru, Please help me cure my family issues from black magick done by my own family memebers that took my father’s life. Plese help me

  34. KASHYAP says:

    after marriage my mother has stopped trusting me and she thinks i have became of my wife, thus frequently quarell goes at home and she always tells me and wife wife to leave home. as my father has expired and i am the only son of my parents, thus she tells me she will give the property to my 3 sisters, thus how to overcome this problem and my mom trusts me.

  35. RP says:

    Age: 54 yrs. I have not been a successful person, I am in debt and my career has been very shaky, I belong to a very good family which has a reputation in the society, People say I am very deserving and intelligent person. My education, my career has not been satisfactory, I am respected in the friends circle and the society. I am in debt and have no work – no earning sources. I have two children Daughter a Doctor and married, son is in Engineering final year. I want to be successful in life. I want to acquire wealth and prosperity.

  36. banita says:

    hi. i m not geeing job. please help me to gaet a job. whereever i m going i getting rejected.

  37. lili says:

    Gauri Shadna?

  38. i want a mantra through which i have to invisible ur self. and plz tell me whole process.

  39. vittal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am trying for good jobs and applied no, of jobs but i am not getting any response and call from the company, Also every day i keep praying for the god.i am awaiting a good job since from last two months.
    Please gve me remedies or solution to how to overcome and good get a good jobs.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  40. somduttjha says:

    I m keenly interested in yantra mantra tantra n worship of baglamukhi kamakhya.so please add my name in ur mailing list.also give me information about it timely.

  41. Manjit(sandhya) says:

    R/ guru ji.. Kitne dunia mae dhake khane k baad asa koi mela hai jo sab ki khuda ki trah sun raha hai. Guru ji mera naam manjit hai.. 06071982 11:30am panagard(wb). Janam se hi kabhi koi khushi nahi meli sab ka bhala giya fhir bhi sabne dhake diye… 06jun2011 ko mere shadi yogesh 27mar1981 11:30pm fatehabad haryana se hue.. Shadi wale din se hi in-law family wale julm karne lage…. Pati nae sada unka saath diya mai apne maa ko isliye nahi boli kyunki unhone bade muskil se mere shadi ki the. Mere shadi k 1 mnth k baad mere dewar ki shadi hue. 15 days k baad mere shasur expire ho gae . Mera dewar bahut chalak hai usnae mere pati se mera gold le kar sale kar diya… Ghar se niklwa diya.. 2 times mera miscarriage ho gaya.. Ab mere pati jail mae hai sir… Mere family life khatam ho rahi hai … Guru ji pls hamari raksha karo…

  42. Sk says:

    Guruji meri bahan ki age 41 hai, pichhle kareeb ek saal se uski tabiyat thik nahi hai, pahle to aadhe seer me bahut jayada dard hota tha aur raat ko neend bhi nahi aati thi. Humne usko achhe hospital mein bhi dikhaya lekin koi fayda nahi hua. BP bhi bahut low ho jata hai, neend aati nahi agar aa bhi jaye to darrawne sapne aate hai, pichhle kuchh time se ghar ko bechkar jane ki zid kar rahi hai, jabki ghar 2-3 pahle hi naya banaya hai. Sarir ko kuchh khaya piya bhi nahi lagta hai bikul kamzor ho gayi hai, doctor bhi blood chadane ki baat karte hai lekin test reports me kuchh nahi milta. Khana bhi thik se khati hai lekin kamzor hoti ja rahi hai. Pls meri madad kare.

  43. Parveen says:

    Jai guru dev
    muje lover ka problem hai kiya aap use solve kar sakte hai mene kitne hi tantriko se sampark kiya lekin sabi log phle paise le lete hai or mera kam nhi ho pata es chaker me mera kafi paise barbad ho gaya he. Main use vapas apni life me jaisa tha vaisa chahti hu.

  44. Anshul Gupta (Female) says:

    Please help
    I (age 25) love a boy in my company since 2 years.we were friends.But when he came to know about my fleeings, he makes some distances. After that one day he trapped into big trubble and took my help to slove it. I did beyond my limits just with a small thought that ‘atleast now we will become good friends’. But after taking my help he completely went off and didnt even said thanks to me.Though he never loved me or promised me anything, but still gave me pain and pain and only pain.He always knows i love him and whatever i m doing, doing for that reason only. As he is married having kid as well, i only want him in my life as really a good friend as i respect his family a lot. Though if he falls in love with i will be very gratefull to you, but atleast i need his friendship. please help if u can..!!

  45. Suchi says:

    I am a railway employee . I have applied for transfer since 4 yrs. but my case is not being considered by the administration.

  46. Deepshikha Garg says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this for my parents.
    Tired of trying to solve their fights from the past 25 yrs since marriage.
    Mumma wasnt from a rich family background and so didnt get full respect after marriage as she should have.
    Father remains very hot tempered even now at age of 54 and after 26 years of marriage. Both shout at each, fight over old issues.

    Sometimes I feel my paternal uncle has done some black magic to destroy our family’s peace.

    Many times my parents come to the point of divorce even. They simply dont like seeing each other’s face. They sleep in different rooms. Father never looks at my mother with love inspite of her being so talented and good natured. He has even beaten her many times and never felt or said sorry or spoken with love. But to the outside world, we seem a very happy family as in front of his relatives etc my father behaves very nicely.

    He still feels his side relatives are right and mother has separated him from whole family.
    After being tired of trying to solve their issue, I am writing here. Please help if u can.
    There is no happines in the family. Everytime there is a atmosphere of cold war between two. They dont talk at all with each other. Just like machines they do their duties of daily life like cooking food, buying things etc.

    Please help sir if u can.

  47. Dear Sir,
    My father name is Badal Kumar Sen, gotra- Modhukulla, died on 21.08.2012. He is a very pleasent person. but some peoples murdered my father by challan of a small mice and death on only 61 yers. Please say the name of persons who silently killed my Father.

  48. siva says:

    lots of obstacles in my business, economically very week, i want to recover from my debts, irregular income, i want a steady income and to clear my obstacles

  49. raman sharma says:

    Dear Guru ji My problem is my carrier. Not getting a gud job & no business opporunity is there. GURU JI mujhe mera aim clear nahi ho raha ki mai kaun sa kaam karu. PLZ HELP THANKS

  50. Pankaj das says:

    I am an experienced person about tea industry. I have tried a lot to get a valuable job here. But it’s not hapenning. Pls, solve my problem.

  51. somshekhar says:

    Huge debts, not able to repay debts, loss in stocks & shares speculation, land litigations

  52. viswaprasad says:

    i am 24 years old,very weak person and short( in height) still looks like a child and i have lost my mother.i become useless now and i have lost my respect&fame being unemployed and some of other reasons .There are lot of problems which i cannot explain it.I think someone has done black magic on me and i want to get rid of it.and also wants to know about apsara sadhana to get magical powers.please guide me if you know any tanthra guru regarding this matter. i hope you will give a valuable suggestion and solve my problem .thank you.

  53. Trideep says:


    I lost my gold ring due to my foolishness as it was stolen on 6th october 2012 and I found your blog today, and I am very tensed .I am reading a mantra in which I hope I will recover it.Please give me some solutions.

  54. nikki says:

    hi cont. me on mail soon..
    i cnt wrote mah prb in public plzz cont. me soon… nor give ur mail id tell mah prb der…
    bt rply asap…

  55. zahra says:

    I love one girl and she also love me now m mother is against so please I wish you should do something like that no proposal should come and where she has fix that also break please help my name is amrik and mother name is kulwant kaur please do if u can do I

  56. sasi says:

    sir, my husband is a nice hard working person,he earns lot but couldn’t buy a property nor spend time with me,he used to look after work not family we have 1 son.v r in a separate house,when he meets his parents or his brothers & sis in law he fights with me for no reason.when will v have a peaceful life.

  57. Mannu Chaudhary says:

    mein 1 year pehle Surender Kumar Sharma ji ke pass unki company Diamond Electrical Systems mai job karta tha jo 30 november 2011 ko chhot gayi mein unke pass se job chhotne ke baad se bhaut padesan hoon,mein phir se unke pass job karna chahta hoon par wo mana kar rahe hain,mein unke pass hi job karna chahta hoon agar mujhe unke pass phir se job nahi lagi to mein aatmhatya kar lunga can help me i am very tenced please help me please

  58. Tortured Guy says:

    My wife keeps on abusing my parents and if i tell anything in their favour she abuses with slangs.. She is keen to break bonds with my family and also torturing me like anything.Please suggest some way to control her and leave a peaceful life

  59. seema says:

    my boyfriend left me after seven years of relationship he has totally cut off from me hes avoiding me badly i came to know hes maried i want him back pls help guruji pls help i cant stay without him w

  60. sravani says:

    my husband chakravarthy born on 13-7-1982 married on feb 2012 my husband notat all interested in me&sent me out 6months before in saying that i have health problems& he has a very rash speech can you please suggest a mantra to control my husband words &love me again&make my husband come back to me & live with me forever

  61. Murthy says:

    I had observed that the above people they are some evil sprit problems they explain their problems but you are not answered why do you know are not I think you dont know so you are not answered again you are asking type your problem why?

    • Light in the Darkness of Life ( May I Help You) says:

      this is wrong, according to our privacy policy we give answer via emails privately, because in past we tried to give answer via this forum but readers made complaint regarding privacy, they don’t want to share personal information in public forum, they asked to remove photos and name etc again and again which is not possible for everyone, thats why when we receive any comment or email so we give reply via email. also we gave our phone number where, needy person can call and take our suggestion and advice, we care for everyone and we give answer within 24 hours after receiving emails or any comment, if you think we are saying wrong so you can try for it, you can send emails by another email id for help or suggestion, you will get reply within 24 hours.

  62. Mr. Arup Chandra says:

    My neibours often quarrel with us by hook or crook. My left leg was broken on February, 2011 for our neibours. I can never live with peace for them.
    Please, kindly solve my problem.

  63. Amol Kaushal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am in a huge problem…..my elder brother and his wife wants that we (me and my wife) would never become parents.I am having doubt that they are doing tantra kriyas (so that all the property their children get) so that my wife would not become pregnent. Its almost 4 years passed to our marriage……even doctors are failed now…..there is no medical issue in both of us …..help us out….we need the child …….. during the last time sapn we have experienced some bad mishaps which creats the doubt over them only ……..plz plz plz help us out…..we are in huge trouble

  64. ritesh says:

    lot of jelousy ,angry ,health

  65. Surya Dey says:

    Hi am in love with a girl and she also loves me the problem is her patents and relatives are against marriage.what do i do

  66. Surya Dey says:

    MY wife and i had 5 years long relation there is guy in her life who came and disturbed our personal life and instigate my wife to take divorce. the guys name (Aman Tiwari) my wifes name Vigil

  67. vertika debral says:

    my daughter in law works in a office she had some money in her draw yesterday before she left office when she reported to work today someone stole her money now the boss is blaming her

  68. Nidhi kumar says:

    sir,i m very distressed with my tai ji as she always tries all kinds of tona and totka on my family which affects us very badly as my mummy gets suffer after a very very short period of time and feels like her legs have got trapped in shackles by which she faces problems in raising or moving her legs forward .we have a general merchant shop and my mother usually used to manage the shop but after her continuous suffering she is no more liable and efficient to sit in the shop as my father is a government employer and don’t get much time to sit in the shop so my brother who was working in the hotel as a front office manager had quit his job so that he can sit in the shop .all these disasters have occured suddenly since 2 years back which have shaken all things ,My taiji and her husband is very jealous of us and do not miss the chance to abuse us. plz sir help me out with such things i would b highly obliged .thanks

  69. Prince says:

    Mai ek ladki ke upar kaala mashaan karwana chahta hu.us ladki ka naam dolly kumari hai.

  70. bhupender singh says:

    i am from gurgaon .for last 15 years there are wrong thing happenings ,and we r sure that he is relative of our s who had died . we have performed so many pujas , so many tantriks with no effect , one thing in common they all took his name only , we r going to gaya for pisach mukti, as suggested by some spiritual guru , can u help us on this issue or any proper source in gaya and how to do things

  71. gopinath.v says:

    namaste guruji… im in russia … im gopi i really love a guy to the fullest he was also liked me but suddenly he is telling that he hates me to fulll extend not want to hear my name to.. pls help me to get back his love im suffering a lot

  72. madhu says:

    i want my cousin sister to become pregnant so that her married life goes well

  73. puneeth ashok chakravarthy says:

    namasthe sir
    i loved a girl .whome i thought she is perfect ,she has no feelings about love
    i want her madly .please help in getting her love and marry plz

  74. Saroj says:

    In my family nobody is loving me accept my son my mother side and husband side nobody wants to talk me properly. What can I do? I want their love to come to me and talk to me properly.

  75. ayushi says:

    sir mujhe peso ki problem h ap khuc esa btae jis s i gain money i rly need this

  76. Shyamala Marimuthu says:

    2 weeks back i lost my laptop bag in a bus. A stupid thief has stolen it from me and I was actually doubting him the moment i entered the bus. But in 5 mins just before i realised i could be in trouble he stole my bag😦. Pls help me with some mantra or tantra with which I can locate the place where it is. I bought it very recently with my hard earned salary. I’m from a middle class family and I’m very much depressed because of this. I’ve also lost few important documents in that bag. Pls pls help me.

  77. Sameer Ali Khan says:

    Assalam walekom Guruji aap ko koti koti prandaam hum aap se ek madath chahate hai guruji aap ne kitne dilo ko milaya hai meri jindagi our maoth aap ke hatho me hai my ek ladki se pyaar kartha hu magar uske maa baap paisewale hai our my ek gari gharka hu mene us paise se kabhi pyaar nahi kiya wo ladki meri jindagi ka sabse bada maksath hai

  78. Sameer Ali Khan says:

    Guruji us ladki ka naam hai MAJIDA TANVEER OUR MERA NAAM HAI SAMEER ALI KHAN . Guruji hume rastha dikhaye us ladki ki photo humare pass hai guruji hume kuch Vashikaran jo powerful ho us mantra ko hame bhejiye jiske duwara ladki khud hamare pass aajai our kabhi mujse door na jai please please guruji aap par hi ummid hai muje narash math karna guruji meri madath karo guruji wo ladki muje nahi mili to my apne aap ko train ke niche marjaounga humare maa baap us ladki ko apnane tayyar hai lakin us ladki ke maa baap nahi chahatehai us ladki ke pithaji chahate hai ki koi Engineer ya docter se shadi karana hai us ke pithaji bahuth laalchi hai guruji mera kusur itna hai ki my ek garib gharane me paida huwa hu B.A. 2 year ki pariksha mene pass ki hai guruji my usladki ko bahoth kush rakunga kabhi use taklif nahi dunga wo meri jindagi hai guruji is ladki ko mera banado .Guruji meri ye eccha ko puri kare. Guruji my aapke aaghe bheek magtha hu muje us ladki ko dila do .Guruji my jindagi bhar aap ka gulam bankar rahunga help me please help me aap ke reply ka inthajaar rahenga guruji aap ko koti koti pandaam .OM GURU SAKSHATH PARAM BRHAMMA GURUDEVO MAHESWARA .

  79. saurabh says:

    Can i have your contact no please…want to discuss my problem

  80. Shivdayal says:

    Sir my problemes are 2 first one my wife wont lisent to me she must come to my control and the next one is i want to sell my agriculture land for good rate please help me sir .. Shivdayal

  81. Jyoti gupta says:

    Namaste pundit ji main love marriage karwana chahti hu .lekin hamara break up ho chuka hai . Main apna pyar wapis chahti hu. Plz help me

  82. NISHANT KUMAR says:

    few ladies in my family have done some pujas to spoil my family members mindset.my aunt still holds my parental property and she always wishes to be ahead of us in every field. even after lots of hard work we are net able to achive our goals. my mother tells it is because of a puja which that aunty had done. she has even destroyed the way other family members used to think. is there any way by which we can save ourselves?? and at the same time can we do punish her for her dishonest work and leave her behind in every feild and also get back our property??? is there any household practise by which we can easily achive what we want……i cant spend much money!!!
    please help me guruji.

  83. ANVISH KUMAR says:


  84. asha says:

    sir , i am loving a person he too loves me.
    i am worried to tell my parents about our love i want my mother and family members to accept my love so please do help me out with this problem
    can you suggest me some mantra to make my mother accept my love

  85. jyoti says:

    I want a gov job

  86. varalakshmi says:

    Namaste ,

    I am lakshmi from chennai. I lost my gold ornaments on 18th dec-11. please tell me whether I will get it back or not.

  87. mukesh says:

    i want get job i have done btech but i am job less

  88. lena says:

    my neighbour is making us having legal problems because of land boundaries. we have almost build our new house but unfortunately are not being able to completly finish it to go to live in it as our money is being spent in legal matters. our problem is what can we do for the neighbours to stop harrasssing us and for us to win in the legal cases

  89. mayank singh says:

    Ever since my childhood I face hardships.I never felt happiness in my life.I was Sexually harassed in my childhood repeatedly.I never harmed anybody,never indulged myself in illicit sex, never committed a sin knowingly,but it seems god is angry with me . I have an ugly face and despite all my efforts I have been unable to get a better job.

    sir, I just want to know whether I am a cursed man and my life will be changed or not. Whether I will get transfer to my home town in my present job , if I can selected for a job I recently appeared ?

  90. Geeta rana says:

    My sisters husband is a drunker n beats her every day. He always listen to his mothern do what they say. His mother n family are giving problems to my sister

  91. darb joshi says:

    muje job nai mil ri kafi tym se last me kaam ho k bhi atak jata hai …koi vidhi btayi pls jisse meri acchi job lag jaye jaldi se

  92. darb joshi says:

    meri kafi tym se job nai lag ri pls koi upay btay jaldi se meri acchi job lag jaye !

  93. harsha says:

    Respected Sir,

    I learnt about your website by coincidence. Saw that many people are discussing their life problems with you. Hope you will help us in this regard.

    This time i need your help, to settle a family issue. My father’s brother is the culprit. He has illegally occupied most of the property. He has influenced my father through blackmagic, and turned my father against my mother, me and family members. My father is blindly giving him a lot of money to him, without taking care of our mother and me. He tried to kill my mother using blackmagic, which I learnt through a physic who has intuition. My mother was in bed, for a year, bleeding. This is an ongoing issue, from the past 10 years, till now. We have spent lakhs o rupees for astrologers and tantrik, but no solution for this problem, till now.

    Some people told me that, he practises blackmagic to destroy our family, so that he can illegally acquire all our property for himself. My father’s brother and his sister, are doing mass prayers, sometimes animal sacrifices regularly to destroy our family. I believe my father and our family is afflicted by his tantra badha. We have done many rituals, visited many astrologers, tried many poojas. Still the issue is not resolved.

    He has two daughters, who are bad by character and used to hypnotize by father by their charms, spellwork, magic potions. He and his wicked sister has illegally acquired most of our properties, and still trying to occupy ours too.

    Past 6 years ago, my father doesn’t like his brother and sister because of their bad behavior. But soon, they learnt to hypnotize our father, using their charms and spells. They have made my father to quarell with my mother and our family, for monetary benefits. He never used to work or go for a job, but plays a fool with people.

    My father as a result, built a new home for him, worth lakhs of rupees, ussed to look after all their expenses, ignoring our family. Most of the times, my father used to stay in their home, without coming here. He used to quarell wih my mother for no valid reason, gets angry very easily. I think my father is affected by his tantra badha.

    What I am expecting from this spell?

    I want my father to get in differences, with his brother and his wicked sister, who is very cruel hearted, to fight with him, such that he hates him to the core and exchange bitter words with him. Even the land brokers are cheating my father, to their charms. My father’s brother and his wicked sister have tried to eliminate and hurt my mother to death many times. They have caused a lot of pain to our family, they tried to divide our family.

    Please put any spell that will create differences with father, his brother with his wicked sister, so that others can leave in peace. Atleast my father should know their true colors. They should quarell like anything, so that my father will abandon his brother and sister, and will won’t interfere in their affairs for ever, because of their evil designs. My father should not go to their place for ever.

    I will provide all the details about them in private email address, as soon as you reply me back, that you can help us in this regard. I am also concerned about the cost involved. I have a budget and I can’t afford, more than that. I will send you the details, about the people involved in this matter, in email, once you reply back.

    Note: Please describe the tantra method, to free my father from their evil clutches and not to unneccessary interfere in their matter for ever.

  94. Premilah Woosaree says:

    I have most all my business to-day I am searching for a job and looking to do a business still as if I am tied I am turning round and round and nothing is coming out.

  95. kosha says:

    my in-laws doesnt like me as well as my husband why do they behave like this as well i like them a lot i try to be strong but i always try to be pitty on them always they treat me as i am their maid and i am the elder daughter-in law i am still 28 yrs old i dnt want to do any vashikaran . but i want why is this and what do they want from me and my husband ,they dnt we spend money or go out to get fresh just torture and what would be the sollution

  96. virendra says:

    babag m mere pati ko vash m karana chahati hu plz hhelp me

  97. jaanvi says:

    I am getting too much problems with my fiance. I need help. Our relation will end if I don’t do anything. I want to have him under my control. Tell me what I should do. Which prayer, which mantra.

  98. some enemy stoped my business and all activities of works which is in my hand(jobs) but i cannot start this jobs from last 6th month and my right leg was broken at novembar 2011 and left hand broken within one year at septembar 2012. PLS.give me solution for succesful life in future. THANKS

  99. anshpreet singh says:

    namashkaas sir, mujhe mere papa jinka naam ( jaspal singh) hai unke baare mein bat karni hai. Baat aisi hai ki woh har wakt gusse mein rehte hai or saare pariwar ke saath larayi karte rehte hai. Unki umar 46 saal hai. Kirpya haamara samadhaan kijiye.

  100. bhawna says:

    i was in love with a boy from last 2.5 yrs. but his mom was nt ready for this marrige. finally he got engaged to someone else..i tried to stop his engagement bt i failed and nw want to stop his marrige that is in next 10 days…can u help me to stop it

  101. Anit says:

    I have been facing marriage problem for the past one year since the time of marriage. Whatever we do, it reacts and creates problem. Now my wife has left me and we are not together for the past two months. Her parents are also supporting her. I am performing pujas and tantras, but it did not help out. Please help me

  102. Meri fmly thk thak chlti hui road p aanay lgri h. G. Meri job lgte lgte at last m rh gyi ghar m ldayi rhne lgi har kam bigadta ja rha h. Ek shop h wo bi bnd honay wali h. . Means roti pani bi bnd ho jayega. Its all due to my dadi wo khti h m tumhe brbad kr dungi. Kya h ye sb plz help us

  103. Ajit Kumar jaiswal says:

    I have a problem that one of the girl whom I know is having Tumor in her brain. Now she is with the help of a Tantrik is trying to transfer the disease in my mind. My whole house is infected, though I have distributed/donated most of the item from mu house but still not recovered. Please help.

  104. prabir says:

    my mother is aged 50 yrs, mentally ill. sometimes she quarelled with herself, do not take any medicine, do not want to go to any relatives, just sit, sleep, do not puja, if any relative comes to home, she do not talk to them for last 15 years. pls. pls. pls. do something

  105. shekhar says:

    guru ji, this is shekhar avac, born on 04-05-1973, in guntur, andhra pradesh, at 7 50 am, i am not finding job, for more than 18 months i am job less, please suggest me a good remedy

  106. hemant says:

    pranam guruji,

    mere papa par ek aurat ne vashikaran kar diya hai, aur woh paiso ke liye aisa kar rahi hai.humare papa humari baat nai mante. unka ghar main man nai lagta. bina baat ke ladte hai.please help.please.

  107. suprim kumar singh says:

    sir i m an indian male 34 yrs suffering from lot of problem in my life first problem was from the side of my wiife who is suffering from mental problem from last 7 yrs ……now any how i manage her but anther problem started i m suspended from my service and facing departmental enquiry…….along with this i m facing many problem in my life plz advise some solution

  108. Deepak bajaj says:

    I have been facing black magic problem since the time of my childhood.like disturb mind and now jobless and fear from my all relatives.Kindly help me please

  109. Rama shankar singh says:

    My family is facing some unwanted problems like unprecidented injury loss of money to this my daughter in law not having any baby even after 3 years of marriage my sons not getting job mental tention etc I have come to know from some one that some of my relatives is doing the same kindly suggest solution

  110. Raj Mhatre says:

    my name is raj mhatre one day before we were going to a weeding that night our money 1 lacs rupees had gone somewere we found it but we didnt got it. so sir please help me please sir

  111. vijay says:

    Pls delet this story… off me …

  112. smita r gandhi says:

    sir, since year i am suffering lot of lose , i lost my job at present i am jobless, my husband is suffering serious health problem, he was near to die but saved by grace of god.
    my sister in laws ( husbands sisters) don’t want my husband to stay with us. they have detained all our ancestral property. now they want me and my son to live my husband after 23 long years of marriage so that they get entire property. since years they create problem n my husband drink a lot and listen to his sisters.
    lastly when he was very sick he realized that his sisters are waiting for his death.
    but now they detained our whole property . what to do ?
    please help to get my sons right , and to get me job again.

  113. ankur shyam says:

    sir i m not getting job .. kindly help me out

  114. nitesh kumar says:

    respeceted sir my running business has stoped and my family members and outside members are troubling a lot. please help me

  115. Prakash Kumar says:

    guruji ..i am suffering from stamering problem….not that much severe but interview and public speaking i feel humilated and ashamed while i stammer..i think from mine childhood some body has done spells on me..please help me to cure my problem

  116. Kuki says:

    Sir,my mama n mami are suffering from a big problem.since they are starting there new married life.some thng happnd in my mama’s house,every thngs becoming wrong,like they are suffering frm differnt fever,n a evil sprit always attack my mami..the sprit got into my mami’s body.we are suffering frm tensn.plz hlp us.

  117. sanjay rana says:

    When I will become rich.very rich and how.

  118. savit says:

    Guru Ji, Namaskar, i have filed my visa in immigration department but my file is not opening from last two months. Even mostly people get their visa with in a month. Please help me to open my file and get the visa.

  119. swami says:

    sir, A man(Manpreet, rohtak, haryana) had done something before 4 years to my wife when she was travelling from delhi to rohtak in bus. my wife comes in his influence after one year and after some time he raped my wife many times in my absence. one day i caught him and locked him but he broke the door and escaped. my wife told me i always weeps a lot after he raped her but i do not know what happens when he comes near to her like she was sleeping. The mobile number and name of guy all are fake. I am still searching the guy but he is still beyond my reach. will you help me so that i will stop the evils of this guy so that he will not rape another girls or women.

  120. srishti says:

    my father was a very calm person …. he rarely got angry …. but for some time …. I dont know what has happened …. he gets angry for no reason frequently on my mother …. I want a totka for him to stop getting angry and start loving my mother again

  121. Rajkumar says:

    Baba Ji, I am facing sudden down fall, lost my job, started business which has failed, trying to get job since 9months but no success. i feel someone has done some tantra on me. can you help me in putting my life back on track ?

  122. ivone says:

    I am 4o yrs old Christian girl. I am having Marriage problem. I am searching a well educated , working in abraod in a good company as a officer goan boy to get to marry. I don’t know why I am facing marriage problem.

  123. ayush Jain says:

    For past 2 years I m suffering from urine and nightfall problems. My body has become very weak and my mind is also very restless and feels very much tension all the time. When I sleep I see bad dreams and nightmares. Plz advise.

  124. Anindita Adak says:

    Sir..when i’ll get married with whom i love? I love him too much..but he is busy all time in his work.please sir,can u give me some solution?

  125. valmik Chaturvedi says:

    sir hm savi apne ghar me bahut paresaan hai yaha mummy papa me ladai aksar hoti rehti hai saathi hm avi bhaio ko vi aksar gussa asta thodi der ke liye Jo ki bahut kuch niksan karwa deta hai aur humara chota bhai savi ke control se bahar ho gaya hai WO kisiki vi nai sunta hai bus aakar hmesa ladai krta rehta hai hmre ghar me karj vi bahut hai WO vi katm nai ho raha hai aur saat me hi hm bhaio ki naukri vi nai lg rahi hai Maine engineering ki hai Bhaia me iti ki hai unki lgi hui naukri chutne vali hai qki unka vi accident ho gaya ta jisse unhe ab WO nai le rahe hai aur sath me hi unki age 29 ki ho gai hai aur unki ab tk Saadi vi nai hui

    plz kuch help kijiye sir hmre ghar ko bacha lijiye sir mai hath jodta hu plz kuch upay bataye

  126. revathi says:

    my husband is not cooperative and he is having too many girl friends always chatting wth them and not caring for me and my child and comes late night. pls solve my problem

  127. Niha CG says:

    Guru ji, my DOB 19-4-1983, at 2 a.m, Sibsagar, Assam..i m a victim of mental and physical harrassment frm my Husband and in-laws including his Mother,father brother , sister-in-law, Sister,brother-in-law and even my husband. They put pressure on me to bring Dowry more and demand my salary and abuse me insulting me and my parents if i protest them, my husband is a dranker n my Sasu always prevent me of saying him 2 avoid drinking and smoking, nw my exams are going on and they are creating me mental torture, they even prevent me 2 go to job place.. Nw i hd filed a suit under Sec. 498-A IPC, n later on i want 2 get divorce frm him bt may b they wl create problem, so plz help me Guru ji to win the case and get divorce frm him

  128. Rakesh Sharma says:

    i have money problem from last 25 years. how can we get money for survive to my family & help to other who were helpless in the world.

  129. nihacg001 says:

    Guru ji Namaskar, i m a victim of mental and physical harrassment frm my Husband and in-laws including his Mother,father brother , sister-in-law, Sister,brother-in-law and even my husband. They put pressure on me to bring Dowry more and demand my salary and abuse me insulting me and my parents if i protest them, my husband is a drunker n my Sasu always prevent me of saying him 2 avoid drinking and smoking, nw my exams are going on and they are creating me mental torture, they even prevent me 2 go to job place.. Nw what i want 2 get divorce frm him bt may b they wl create problem, i hv filed a suit against them undr 498-A, nw the Case is going on, bt i m feeling tht they are creating some kinds of black magic to defeat me and to defame me in the society,so plz help me Guru ji to win the Court case easily and to suppress them in the court.. Otherwise i wl hv to suffer again.. Plz help me to ucchatan of my enemies..

  130. Girl says:

    I am a girl but my body hairs are very long like boys!Please help me to remove it..

  131. Melanie says:

    I need help, many things keep going wrong. The most pressing at this time is my car was vandalized with my window broken so a thief could steal my workbag that had my purse all my personal belongings, medicines, special things I cannot replace. I want ALL of my belongings returned to me now. Please help. Thank you kindly and graciously. Sincerely, Melanie.

  132. Shalini says:

    My husband’s business was ruined 3 years back. Since that time he is trying hard to re-establish it but till now we have not got any solutions and couldn’t stand ourselves. We are overburdened with loan and we have put our gold jwellery against money. Now we feel that after few months we will be in a very bad position .We are having two children and worried about their future.It seems that everuthing will be finished after few months.I need solution to get rid of the loan and then think of starting some small work later on.

  133. soni says:

    Mujhe meri saas ke sath bahot problem aa rahi hai.main kitna bhi accha karu par wo mujhe bilkul accha nahi manti aur na hi mujhse pyar karti hai..meri nanand se bhi bahot kalesh rehta hai. please suggest some remedy jisse wo log mujhe respect karne lage.

  134. Jai Gurodave,Mare papa ne Marne sa pahle jaydat ka batwara mokik kar diya tha,jisah sab ne man liya tha,Mari 4 sister or ham 2 brother ha,sab married ha,sabse elder sister KIRAN SONI ,wedo 1981 me ho gai uski 3 daughter Thi unki bi marriage ho colki ha,wo hamare pass he rahti ha,jabki uska apna makan dehradun me ha usne Mari mother ko upne control me kar rakh ha,Ab Mari mother Mara sa property khali jabar dasti karwana cahti ha jabki me apni mother ko har month kacha data ho per day Mari shop par kuch n kuch tona puri family mil kar karti ha shop ka bigness pori tarah tap ha,Mari 2 daughter & 1Son ha,plz mujah bataiya me kaya karo.sab Farje mane ma bap ka pore kar diya ha,Aj mojko dokkh mil raha ha passa khatam ho coka ha,please Uttar da jarori ?

  135. Mridul bajpeyi says:

    Sir, today i called you many times at 8pm but you did not answer. you had sent me amulet for my house protection which i lost at dipawali festival. it helped me so much and i really felt presence of positive energy in my house after amulet remedy. plz sir forgive me plz plz plz send me one more. i am ready to pay double cost.

  136. Ankit says:

    I have purchased one house 1.5 years back and given Rs.5.5 lakhs as advance money, but before agreement had taken place, I have cancelled the deal because we did not find the house well. Now the person is not returning money and I have suffered a big loss.Please suggest suitable remedy.

  137. mohit kasera says:

    Namaste Sirji,

    Mere Dadaji ke chote bhai ne hanara jina haram kar rakha hai. Jab se wo insan paida hua hai sab ulta sidha hi hota hai or wo hai ki kisi ko khush or shanti se rahne nahi deta hai. Abhi usne hampar police me jhoithe case lagwadiye or hame gundo se dhamkata hai. Hamara ek makan par bhi kabja kar liya hai.

    Babaji plzz help … bataiye is papi se kaise bache or iska vinash kaise ho. Ham bahut parwshan ho gye hai…. ye to sala jinda Rakshas hai.

    Aapka bahut aabhari rahunga

  138. Nikhil Kaushik says:

    Sir , i have been facing marriage problem for last 4 month.My wife has left me & we are not together for the last 4 month. Her parrents are also supporting her & want divorce. I luve her very much & she know her. I am performing pujas last 2 month but it did not help out . please help me. My D.O.B – 14/04/1980 birth place – Meerut Time- 02:01 PM Her name- Ankita Srivastava D.O.B.- 09/08/1992 Place – Calcutta we have doing luve marriage . please help me

  139. kamalini sharma says:

    Charan Sprash Guruji

    Maine aapke blog me padhe kuch mantro ka jap kiya hai jiske bad mujhe mere jeewan me sudhar najar aya hai magar maine 10 lakh ka loan le rakha hai jisko jald se jald chukta karna chahta hu mujhe margdarshan pradaan kare. Guru bramha guru vishnu guru devoh maheshwarah guru sakchaat param bramh tasmei shri guruweh namah.

  140. madhu says:

    Sir 4years back I lost my original study certificates. Pls tell me any remedy or mantra to get back my certificates. Thank you.

  141. sonali says:

    my brother destroying all money which my made with hard work. Please help me what to do .

  142. i rakesh says:

    sir in 2009 i had lost my job since then i had tryed all kind of jobs but i am unable to get a good one in 2013 and 2014 i lost government jobs in second round so kindle tell me how to find the job my dob is 19 05 1985 birth place is hyderabad

  143. Pooja tomar says:

    Guru ji

    From last 2 months our income has stopped. V had major loss in business nd from that time not evn a single rupee had been earned by both of us
    We had amazing business and had earned a lot but from last 2 yrs v r living only on earned money which is finished now v have 2 kids pls help don’t knw wat to do

  144. Abhishek says:

    Please share your contact information.I have a urgent problem at home.After my father death my relatives have convinced my mom to give garrage key and she has taken away the key.I want the keys back.could you please help us.

  145. sumita says:

    hello sir need your help kindly contact

  146. nitish says:

    mujhe choot bahut lagte hai kabhi chota sa cut to kabhi bahut bda chot
    koi upay btayeji

  147. Rameshvaram Veerasawmy says:

    sir,i have a problem, a person that i dont get involve is getting involve with we he want to beat me creating problem in my life i dont even know that person and i havent do anything to him i dont know why he is doing this…i want to know what i have to do sir..plzz give me a solution thanks in advance sir

  148. subodh says:

    namastay, kal rat humare kuch shatru log ake humare ghar ke piche aag laga diya. hum kisi tara family ke 4 logo ne milke apna jaan bachaya. aab woh log kaun the” yeh kaise malum padega aur jo log yeh kam kiya he. main un logo ki puri tarase binash chahta hu. kisi vi tarah woh shatru log bachne na paye. mujhe upay bataiye guruji.

  149. golu says:

    Sir we are sffring from vasru down now we don’t have money to cmlt the home right now we don’t have mental goodness and more problems

  150. Pooja rajput says:

    I have done 12th once again i want to do 12th n i want to have a admissn n iit clg i want to clear this exm wat should i do n ..i want to go out f bhopal.wat should i do..

  151. Debasis Dhal says:

    My loading business is in loss, what jantra I should take to get profit

  152. Tirumala krishna vasu deva rao says:

    sir i am totally stucked up with financial problems with one person and i cannot come out from his tensions pls help me to earn money or to close his friendship

  153. madhur says:

    hello sir,
    we are a middle class family, we live in a joint family with seperate portion in house for everyone. we have been suffering from problems from years, my bigfather n his family are very jealious of ur. in any sense they would like to harm us. i am very tensed regarding my sister’s marrige, whose once arranged engagement broke n now we are getting lot of trouble in her marriage….plz suggest some measures.
    my studies are also going worse …i am doing C.S. i study good but in every exams marks do not come well n i fail….plz do help….:(

  154. vijay says:

    i am vijay . i am 29 yr old. so i writing Many bank exam . so i didn’t pass in any Bank Exam. so Pl z send solution for bank Exam by Tantrik . next month and next week i can write bank exam plz send solution for bank exam pass

  155. moumita says:

    hamare ghar ke samne ak family hain jo humlogo ko subhe se raat tak tang karte hai, un logoke ke 2 bacche hain jo altime ball lake hamari ghar me chor te hain, uske ghar ke bare log jo hai unke baat karne ka tarika galat hain, hum logo ko gal date hain, humlok parai nai kar pate, humlogoko bohudi tang karte hai, pls help me,

  156. sushma says:

    Guruji, namastay,

    i lost my gold bangles and my kids jewells, i dont know how i lost it …i am worried a lot , somebody must have taken it from me or someone must be playing at home ..no one is opening their mouth but making me upset , please help me guruji

  157. Kapil Kapoor says:

    Main pichale 10 saal se Delhi (apne home town) mein job kar raha tha . 2007 se meri saal dar saal promotions hone lagi. Prabhu kripa se ek beti n ek beta hua. Par achanak nov 2012 se meri boss Ke saath bigadne lagi mansik tanaav Ke chalte Maine Oct 2013 mein ek chhoti company kam package mein join kar li par phir achanak jun 2014 mein mujhe company se jawab mil gaya. 2 mahine ghar raga phir isi company ne mujhe Chandigarh transfer kar diya. Tab se main akela chandigarh mein reh raha hu. Aisa koi upaye bataye ki mujhe Delhi mein hi achchhi so job mil jaye taki main apni family Ke saath reh saku. Mere Dino bachchae abhi chhotae hair. Pls koi solution bataiye…

  158. mohit says:

    I bought brand new car on 19th Dec 2014, bt unfortunately it Gt stolen on 19th Jan 2015 from my home. Is there any way u can tell where is my car and if I can Gt it or nt. Pls help me m emotionally attached to my new car. Tell me the way I can deal wth this issue in life.

  159. Krishna says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    Aj mera shadi 12 yrs complte. Mera 11 sal ka ak ladka v hai.aj tak mai apne family k liye kuch nehi kar paya.income v nehi hai. Plzz help u.app aisa kuch mantra dijiye jo mera ujra hua ghar baitha saku..
    plz help me

  160. Vijay says:

    Sir, I have been married for 2 years and literally all of a sudden, my wife wants a divorce. her family is also brain washing her. I am unsure why this happening. But as per our scriptures, divorce is nnot there and I want to salvage this marriage. Please help me.

  161. Rajesh kumar says:

    Good morning Sir ,
    sir , mere room se 16th march ko 8000 rs kisi ne lock todkar chori kar liye jab mai office mai tha.
    or saara saaman bikhra pada tha. mera money wapis kaise aayega. Plz do help me. wo mere khoon pasine ki kamai thi. mere paisa kaise wapis aaye or kaise pata chalega ki kisne churaya hai

  162. Ravi says:

    Parnam Guru ji

    I am very much struggling in my studies.I give my 100% efforts but never got succerd. I could not concentrate on my studies as well as my daily work .Every time when I start studying, negative thoughts fill my mind .I never able to give my best to my studies that why I feel very depressed and sad all the time.Please help me out guruji. It is humble pray from my side.I am waiting for your reply,
    once again ,my pranam to your feet.

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